Committee on University Organization

The Committee on University Organization (CUO) shall be composed of the Deans, who shall be nonvoting members of the committee, and five (5) members of the full-time faculty who shall be the voting members of the Committee.

The Committee shall serve as the representative body of the faculty in the formulation of the undergraduate academic structure and policy of the University and shall meet to consider and recommend all changes involving same. Any academic policy or change in the academic structure of the University related to the undergraduate program which emanates from any administrative office which directly affects the academic departments of the University must be submitted to the committee for its recommendation.

Recommendations of the committee, with supporting evidence, shall be transmitted in writing to the Provost or his/her designee for his/her consideration within one (1) month after receipt of the proposal unless mutually agreed upon by the University and CUO. In the event the Provost or his or her designee disagrees with the committee’s recommendation, he/she shall reject the same and report her/his decision to the committee together with her/his reasons therefore set forth in writing.

In case of neglect or refusal of the Provost or the appropriate Dean to answer or accept the committee’s recommendations within ten (10) working days, the committee may take its recommendation directly to the President of the University within ten (10) working days following the expiration of the initial waiting period for the answer or acceptance.

The President, in the exercise of her/his discretion as chief executive officer of the University, shall accept or reject the Provost’s or the appropriate Dean’s and/or the committee’s recommendation within ten (10) working days after it is transmitted to him/her. The President’s decision on a recommendation submitted to him/her in either instance shall be transmitted in writing, with the reasons therefore, to the committee within ten (10) working days.

In any case of either (a) neglect or refusal of the President to answer the committee’s request within ten(10) working days or (b) a rejection of a committee recommendation by the President, the committee may present its recommendations within ten (10) working days to the Faculty Federation for consideration. The Faculty Federation may then submit the recommendation of the committee and its position to the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University for a final determination.

No changes in Academic structure or policies shall be implemented until the process described in this section has been completed.

Issues arising under this Section that extend beyond commencement shall not be subject to the ten (10) day response period. During the period from commencement until resumption of fall classes, the response period for each step shall be extended to twenty (20) days.

Issues arising under this Section 7.4 shall not be subject to the grievance procedure.