University Advancement Mission Statement

University Advancement works to advance Bryant’s educational mission by effectively communicating with and engaging in the life of the University a wide variety of audiences including: alumni; parents; friends; current and prospective students; corporations; charitable foundations; and the general public.


University Advancement envisions a vibrant, thriving and energetic University that benefits at every level by the active involvement and support of committed alumni, parents, friends and institutions.

Contact Us

  • Development office: 401-232-6250; 877-353-5667
  • Alumni Engagement office: 401-232-6040
  • Advancement Services office: 401-232-6805
  • University Relations office: 401-232-6130; 401-232-6120
  • Development, Alumni Engagement and Advancement Services fax: 401-232-6514 or 401-531-6655
  • Vice President’s office fax: 401-531-6645
  • Alumni email address:

Office of University Relations

The Office of University Relations is responsible for the strategic positioning of the University to its key audiences. The department leads the creation and implementation of integrated marketing campaigns that support the University’s strategic plan. University Relations works with various constituents to ensure a consistent image across all marketing and public relations communications including publications, advertising, media relations, special events, internal and external communication, and interactive media.
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Office of University Relations
Unistructure – Administration Hall

Graphic Standards

Bryant University has a clearly defined University logo that will be used on all materials that represent the institution to particular audiences. In order to place that logo on materials or a Web site, an individual, organization, or department must contact University Relations to gain permission. There cannot be any alteration of the Bryant University logo.

There are two other accepted logos that fall within the Bryant University graphic standards. Individuals or organizations wishing to use either of these logos must also contact the University Relations Department for prior approval:

  • Bryant Bulldogs (athletic logo)
  • National Alumni Council Archway logo

The Bryant University seal is only used for formal academic materials. Anyone seeking to use the University seal must contact University Relations to gain permission.

Bryant University letterhead and business cards will remain consistent. A specific institutional image has been developed that supports the University’s graphic standards.

Media Relations

It is the policy of Bryant University that all media inquiries and contacts received by employees, faculty, and students in relation to the University, its services, or activities will be referred to the University Relations Department.

The Director of Public Relations and/or Executive Director of University Relations function as the University’s official spokespersons. The Director and/or Executive Director work with senior administrators to gain necessary information and communicate appropriate messages.

The Director of Public Relations will establish and maintain a cooperative relationship with the media. Media relations efforts are also organized through the Assistant Athletic Director for External Relations. The University will respond as soon as possible to requests from the media, recognizing that most requests involve deadlines.

Through a planned media relations program, the University Relations Department and Athletic Department will help develop a strong, positive image of Bryant University to support its endeavors and enhance communications with the external community.

All media must communicate with the University Relations Department or the Athletic Department before coming to campus. Reporters, photographers, and television crews may not enter the campus to interview or photograph staff, faculty, or students without approval by the Director of Public Relations, Executive Director of University Relations, or the Assistant Athletic Director for External Relations.

Employees should notify the Department of Public Safety (DPS) when they encounter reporters, photographers, or television crews on the campus who are unaccompanied by an escort from University Relations. DPS, upon investigation, will notify the Director of Public Relations of the media’s presence.

Unauthorized personnel who divulge confidential information to the media on matters pertaining to the University and its students will be subject to disciplinary action.

Employees identifying themselves to the media as representing the University, without specific authorization to do so, are subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

Office of University Relations
Unistructure – Administration Hall

Printed Material

To enhance the University’s integrated marketing efforts and assure that Bryant University is effectively communicating its image among its many constituents, University Relations will take the leadership role in supervising brand messaging and graphic standards across the campus. This affects brochures, advertising, newsletters, invitations, logo development, and special projects.

University Relations will work with all divisions to provide strategic direction regarding any materials that will be distributed to various audiences.

All printed materials that feature the Bryant University logo will be reviewed by University Relations before production to ensure that these materials meet the University’s brand messaging and graphic standards.

University Relations will work with all divisions to help them identify appropriate resources to achieve their marketing and communication goals.

Bryant’s Web Governance Policies

The Bryant University Digital Properties which include our high profile websites and primary  social media channels, are critical branding tools for the institution. Our online properties and presences serve to:

  • Manage relationships with incoming students, internal audiences (faculty and staff), alumni, business and community partners, and other key audiences;
  • Communicate the University brand and priorities;
  • Offer effective guidance to and presentation of key information.

Maintaining the content on Bryant Institutional websites and other digital properties is a substantive undertaking, and it’s imperative that we ensure clear, consistent communication across thousands of pages on an ongoing basis. Our success in achieving our core objectives is directly tied to the websites functioning at the highest levels of information quality and user experience, in line with best practices for digital content.

Bryant’s institutional websites and digital properties such as social media channels are often the initial touchpoint a student, scholar, or prospective faculty member has with the institution. Positive first impressions are critical to facilitating meaningful relationships. If our digital properties have inaccurate information, outdated design, conflicting brand messages, or an inconsistent user experience, we have made a poor impression. The user may abandon the site entirely, and key opportunities may be lost. Therefore, it’s essential that we work from common guidelines and policies in order to ensure that the quality of our online experiences reflects the high quality of our education.

Click here to access Bryant’s Web Governance Policies

Alumni Engagement

Educating and Engaging Alumni

Strategic Goal

The overall strategic goal of Alumni Engagement is to involve alumni in programs and to provide opportunities or professional and personal fellowship among alumni to advance the name, prestige, and educational excellence of Bryant University. It is our objective to educate alumni regarding their role as alumni and how they can have a positive impact on current students and the University.

Alumni Association

Members of the Alumni Association include all graduates of the University, all recipients of advanced degrees other than honorary, and anyone who has successfully completed at least two semesters or more at Bryant. All members are issued an Alumni Association membership card, which brings with it certain benefits and privileges. There are no dues required. The Office of Alumni Engagement at Bryant University does not discriminate against race, color, religion, sex, sexual preference or orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, ethnicity, disability, veteran or marital status

Requests for Reports or Lists

Due to the Federal Privacy Act, any University Department requests for lists or reports containing information about Bryant alumni must be approved by the Vice President for University Advancement, the Director of Alumni Engagement, or the Associate Director of Alumni Engagement. The Office of Alumni Engagement does not provide any outside information on an alumnus/a of the University without permission from the party involved.

Degree Verification

All requests for degree verification and or transcripts should be forwarded to the Office of Academic Records, ext. 6080.

Online Alumni Directory

The online alumni directory is available to all alumni of the University. For information on accessing your own record, please contact the Alumni Engagement staff for assistance.

Death Notices

To report a death of an alumnus/a, please contact the Alumni Engagement staff via e-mail or letter, citing the source of the information. Alumni may also submit information via the on-line Class Notes by visiting and following the links to “Connect”.

Partnership (Marriage and Civil Unions) Notices

To report a new partnership for publication, we ask that the alumnus/a involved contact the Alumni Engagement staff via e-mail or letter with the date, location of the ceremony, and the name of the partner for publication. Alumni may also submit information via the on-line Class Notes by visiting and following the links to “Connect”.

Addition (Birth or Adoption) Notices

To report a birth or addoption for publication we ask that the alumnus/a involved contact the Alumni Engagement staff via e-mail or letter with the child’s name and birth/adoption date for publication. Alumni may also submit information via the on-line Class Notes by visiting and following the links to “Connect”.

Class Note Notices

We welcome information on classmates’ successes and achievements. Please feel free to contact an Alumni Engagement staff member via e-mail or letter with your information. Alumni may also submit information via the on-line Class Notes by visiting and following the links to “Connect”.

Development/Advancement Services

Development Office Giving Policy

Mission Statement: The Development Office’s mission is to increase the level of philanthropic support for Bryant’s strategic objectives and to develop and maintain positive relationships throughout the institution’s broad range of constituents. To this end, the Development Office plans, coordinates, and implements fund raising programs with Bryant alumni, parents, friends, corporations, and foundations. We ask that all faculty and student organizations seeking external support from businesses, foundations, or alumni check with the Development Office prior to any solicitations.

Related Policies

Because of IRS regulations, all gifts must be documented by the Advancement Office in order for Bryant to issue a receipt for tax purposes. Please contact the Advancement Office at 401-232-6250 for information on how to make a gift to or solicit a gift for Bryant University. A gift acceptance form must be filled out for all gifts of equipment, in-kind gifts such as artwork or merchandise, securities and cash gifts of $1,000 and over, and must be submitted with original documentation (including checks or cash) to the Gift Processing staff in Advancement Services.


Gift: A tax deductible gift (also an outright gift) is made to Bryant University when a donor transfers cash, stocks, bonds, real property, tangible personal property, or gifts-in-kind, and receives no direct benefits and requires nothing in exchange beyond an assurance that the intent of the contribution be honored. Bryant will issue the donor a receipt for tax purposes for all gifts in this category.

Quid-pro-quo contribution: A gift made to Bryant University where tangible goods and services have been provided to the donor. The Advancement Office must comply with strict substantiation requirements. A portion of these gifts may also be tax deductible, and, therefore, it is important to involve the Advancement Office early in the process to ensure that IRS regulations are met.

Pledge: A pledge is a commitment to give a specific dollar amount over a fixed time schedule, generally not to exceed five years.

Planned Gift: A planned or deferred gift is generally made to Bryant in the present with the benefit “deferred” to the University until a future date.

Receipt: Bryant University’s policy is to issue a timely written receipt to all donors. An appropriate quid pro quo receipt is issued when the donor has received a tangible benefit in return for support. Also a gift-in-kind receipt is issued to donors of personal property. These receipts do not reflect a dollar amount, just the description of the donated items.

Endowment: A gift of at least $50,000 to be invested for the purpose of producing present and future income that may be expended or reinvested with the original gift. The principal of the endowment is kept intact. Income is expended according to the donor’s stipulation and according to the University’s spending policy and may be unrestricted or restricted.