Committee on Faculty Rank and Appointment

The Committee on Faculty Rank and Appointment shall be composed of the Deans, who shall be nonvoting members of the committee, and seven (7) members of the full-time faculty who shall be the voting members of the Committee. At least three (3) members shall be from business disciplines and at least three (3) members shall be from liberal arts disciplines. At least six (6) voting members of the Committee shall be tenured. No faculty member who will be considered for tenure or promotion during a given academic year shall serve on the Committee during that academic year. Members of the Committee may be considered for parity awards and/or merit awards. If a committee member applies for a parity and/or merit award, he/she shall be recused from that respective award deliberation and voting during that academic year. The Committee shall meet to consider promotions, reappointments, tenure, parity, and merit of faculty members. Individual faculty members shall have access to the files maintained on them by the Rank and Appointment Committee. The Committee shall be provided with the hire letter of each faculty member being considered for reappointment, promotion, or tenure at the time such action is before the Committee.