Accounts Payable

Mission Statement

Accounts Payable (A/P) strives to ensure the expedient and accurate processing of all payables for the University while adhering to appropriate accounting practices and internal controls. We are also dedicated to providing quality customer service to Bryant departments and to our vendors.

Department Name: Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Payable Supervisor, Ext. 6019
  • Accounts Payable Assistant, Ext. 6569


General Procedures

  • All invoices received by A/P are date stamped and sent to the appropriate department for processing in banner.
  • Invoices may be sent directly to departments by the vendor for processing.
  • The Accounts Payable Office produces checks weekly.
  • A/P also processes SUA credit card payments weekly.
  • The Controller’s office funds wires and ACH payments weekly.

Submit To Information and Lead Times

All invoices are processed through Banner and must route through all approval queues. Payments are issued once the invoice clears the final approval queue, this includes the NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) queue and the over $10K queue. Departments are responsible for payment due dates based on the University net terms. SUA e-payables vendors are reviewed with priority over paper check vendors. Paper checks are usually issued within our net 30 terms.

Any check that needs to be picked up by the department should use the “Check pickup address”.

All requests for rushes should be sent to and include the Banner I# and vendor name.
Expense reimbursements, student refunds, e-payables invoices, wire payments and ACH payments are not aged.

Vendor Invoice Mailing Address

Bryant University
Attn: Accounts Payable
1150 Douglas Pike
Smithfield, RI 02917

Electronically submitted invoices should be sent to or to the department’s electronic address.

Important: All Vendor invoices must reference Bryant University’s Purchase Order number, if applicable. If a Bryant University Purchase Order is not used, then a reference to the departmental organization number is required or the person’s name who placed the order.

State Tax Exemption

Bryant University is not liable for state sales tax as it is a tax-exempt organization. For purchases, employees should give all vendors the University’s corresponding state tax-exempt number. State exemption forms are available from the Accounts Payable Department. The exempt states and exempt numbers are listed below:

Rhode Island: 161
Massachusetts: 050 258 810

New York: EX 217806
Florida: 85-8012611632C-1
Connecticut: exemption by event contact A/P
Illinois: E99315092
New Jersey: 050258810000

Invoices containing sales tax must be returned to vendor for revisions and not amended (short paid) on an invoice..

Tax Reporting Requirements

The IRS requires the University to maintain a W9 Form/W-8BEN Form from all payees for year-end 1099 reporting purposes. The original W9/W8 form is kept secured in the A/P office and all information is kept in each vendor file (FTMVEND).  A/P uses the IRS tin check service to verify all W9 information.

Wire and ACH Payments

Wire and ACH payments are processed through Banner and set up by the Controller’s Office. ACH is the preferred method of payment over wires. Should the department choose to pay by wire, the department will incur an additional $25 for each wire processed. No fee will be charged to the department for ACH payments. The following needs to be provided on the indexed back up of each invoice.

Domestic Wire and ACH Information needed: Vendor Bank Name
    ABA Number (specify for Wire or for ACH)
Reference Number
Vendor Bank Account Number
Foreign Wire Information needed: Bank Name
     Branch Location
Account Name
Account Number
Swift Code

Payment of Purchase Order Invoices

The University’s process relating to the payment of purchase orders (PO) is as follows:

Departments process their own purchase orders that route through Banner approval queues. Once a PO clears the final queue, a copy of the PO is sent to the vendor by the Purchasing Department if required.

A purchase order is created.

A copy of the purchase order is then sent to the originating department.

After goods are received by Bryant, an invoice is sent by the vendor to Bryant University.

The invoice must contain the purchase order number.

The information on the purchase order must match the invoice. Any discrepancies require a change order.

Any invoice over 5k requires a purchase order.  All purchases of furniture, technology and software require a purchase order for any dollar amount.

Any invoice equal to or under $5k is processed as a direct expense.

Invoices are entered by the department into Banner and route through the approval queues.

Any invoice over $5K that does not have a Purchase Order requires an exemption authorization from the Vice President of Business Affairs (VPBA).

Direct Pay

All direct pay invoices are keyed into Banner by the individual departments.

  1. Mailing Instructions: If the check needs to be picked up, the keyer will use the “check pickup” address. Checks are picked up in the A/P department.
  2. Vendor Name: Vendor name on the invoice must match W9/W8
  3. Payment remit to address:  should be listed on an invoice.  Any request to change/add a remit to address must be confirmed by the A/P department and cannot be done via email.
  4. Invoice must be billable to Bryant University.
  5. Invoices should have preprinted invoice numbers.
  6. Invoices can only be processed once goods have been received or services rendered. If you have a deposit invoice please contact A/P.
  7. Invoices must contain a description of goods or services and must include a service period if applicable.  Terms such as monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. are not sufficient, specific dates are required.

Travel Advance, Reconciliation, Reimbursement

Preparing a Travel Advance Request (Accounts Payable will enter all travel advance requests)

PURPOSE: To request the University to advance monies for an upcoming trip or event.


  1. NAME: Enter name of person who will be receiving monies.
  2. DEPARTMENT:Enter department name. (Account numbers do not go in this area.)
  3. PURPOSE OF TRIP:Enter purpose of trip.
  4. ADDRESS:Enter address where Accounts Payable will mail check.
  5. PART 3:Provide details of Trip (Place, Dates, etc.) This information is required. Invoice numbers will be generated by the “keyer” based on travel/event/receipt dates.

Enter the amount of Advance requested.

  1. ACCOUNT DISTRIBUTION: Enter Fund Number 11020 and Account Number 14630. (This Fund and Account Number is used exclusively for Travel Advances and should not be used at any other time.)

Print the request.

Sign the form above the Signature of Traveler line.

Have the request approved by your departmental supervisor. Travel advances do not route through approval queues other than A/P.

**Future travel or business expense reimbursements will not be processed until outstanding advances have been reconciled. All travel advance reconciliations must be processed within 30 days of the return from trip.

Banner Navigation For Accounts Payable Inquiries




Query by Banner invoice number, purchase order number or payment number

  • Enter Document type INV – for inquiry by invoice (this is Banner generated document number)

Enter Document type PO – for inquiry by purchase order number

Enter Document type CHK – for inquiry by check number

  • “Tab”
  • Type Invoice Number, Purchase Order Number or Payment Number in the Doc. Code field.
  • Next Block Icon
  • Click on the area you wish to view

To view status of document, click on View Status Indicators in left column and match to the status indicators on the right of the Doc. Code numbers.

You may also research all invoices processed for a specific vendor by using FAIVNDH and inputting the specific vendor’s id number.  Please contact A/P for documentation on how to perform this process and any other Banner function.

Non-resident Alien Tax Policy Guidelines

Bryant University is required by the IRS to comply with specific federal tax withholding and reporting regulations when issuing payments to non-resident alien individuals. The types of payments affected include compensation, wages, honoraria, scholarships, fellowships, gifts, prizes, awards and, in some cases, reimbursement for travel expenses. The general IRS rule is to withhold taxes at a rate of 30% for all payments made to non-resident alien individuals performing services in the United States.

All payments to nonresident aliens or foreign vendors require a completed form W8.  A/P provides necessary information to HR for tax reporting purposes.

Moving Expenses

When an employee is relocated from one workplace to another or relocates to begin a new job, for certain positions and depending on circumstances, the employer may provide a moving allowance in consideration of costs associated with the move.  Reimbursements for moving expenses must be approved by the President or the divisional Vice President and be coordinated in advance with the Human Resources department.  Details on the University’s relocation policy are available as needed through Human Resources.