Faculty Development

The Faculty Development Committee shall be composed of the Deans, who shall be nonvoting members of the committee, and five (5) members of the full-time faculty who shall be the voting members of the Committee.

The Faculty Development Committee shall (1) review and make recommendations on applications for participation in the Sabbatical Leave Program, the Fellowship Program and for leaves of absence; (2) review annually and make recommendations on the instrument used for student evaluation of faculty; (3) make other recommendations related to the development of faculty teaching and research/publication; (4) recommend criteria for faculty participation in research and/or programs financed by outside grants; and (5) make recommendations related to the provision of developmental programs and events in the area of diversity and globalization.

The committee will review applications for sabbatical leaves, fellowships, and leaves of absence, and will forward their recommendations to the Provost or his/her designee for his/her approval. A copy of this recommendation will be sent to the Department Chair and the faculty member. If there is any question concerning any application, the committee shall request the individual applicant to appear in person to clarify the application.

Issues arising under this Section 7.5 shall not be subject to the grievance procedure.