University Committee Scholastic Standing – Undergraduate Students


The University Committee on Scholastic Standing is responsible for reviewing and recommending standards of academic performance required for the awarding of degrees and academic honors, and the quality of work leading to an academic warning, probationary status, or academic dismissal.

The Committee will meet to hear, review, and decide on the appeals of those students who have been academically dismissed and who request such a review. The initial decision regarding readmission rests with the Committee, which, upon review, will establish the particular conditions for readmission. These conditions may be academic as well as non-academic in nature.

A student who has been readmitted to Probation Status by the Committee and who does not adhere to all the conditions set by the Committee will be dismissed from the University without further appeal to the Committee.  The decision of the Committee may be appealed to the Provost (or his/her designee) for final disposition.

The Committee will establish, at the earliest possible date, written policies and procedures addressing the following areas:  committee confidentiality, requirements for a quorum, role of the chair to the committee, and a philosophy to guide the workings of the Committee.

Recommendations to effect changes in policy and procedure are made to the Provost.


  • Administrators (3) – Undergraduate Programs, Student Affairs, Admission
  • Faculty (4) – 1 elected as Chair, another as Vice Chair


The Committee will meet a minimum of three (3) times – once after the fall and spring term end-of-processing is complete and once in August (if necessary) to hear academic appeals and make recommendations on readmission.


A written report will be submitted at the beginning of each regular term on the activities of the previous term to the Provost (e.g., February 10 and September 10).