Graduate School Academic Grievance Committee


The Graduate Student Academic Grievance Committee will hold hearings on academic grievances filed by graduate students.  The grievance process should begin with a good-faith attempt for resolution between the student and professor. In the event an issue cannot be resolved between the student and professor, a student must subsequently confer with either the appropriate program director if the student is in the College of Arts and Sciences, or the Chair of the academic department if the student is in the College of Business. Failing these first two steps, the student can seek resolution by appealing to the Associate Dean of his/her respective college; unresolved grievances may then be appealed to the Dean. The Committee will meet only when the student has not been able to resolve the grievance through the dean’s level review.  The Committee will have the authority to make recommendations for disposition of grievances to the Provost. The Provost will consider the recommendation; however, he/she will not be bound by the recommendation, and his/her decision on the grievance will be final.


The composition of the committee will be as follows:

  1. The student/faculty ratio is 4/4; four (4) faculty members and four (4) graduate students;
  2. Two faculty representatives must serve from each of the colleges; the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Business;
  3. Administrators (1) representative of the university administration (preferably from the Graduate Programs Office).
  4. Student members must be screened by the Graduate Programs Office for academic integrity and the code of conduct, and must have achieved a minimum 3.3 GPA.
  5. Two student representatives must be selected from each of the colleges; the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Business; (Selected by the Deans of each college)
  6. The confidentiality statement must be signed and adhered to as a requirement for membership.
  7. The faculty membership term is for two years and staggered for continuity.


The Committee will meet as soon as possible subsequent to the Chair receiving a written request for a hearing from a graduate student.  A written recommendation shall be submitted to the Provost and copies to the respective Dean, Director of Operations, Graduate Programs, College of Business, and the Program Director involved from the College of Arts and Sciences within one week after the Committee has heard a grievance.  The Provost will respond to the Committee concerning the disposition of the grievance report within one week after his/her having received the report, and the Provost’s decision will be final.


The Committee will submit an annual report of its activities to the Provost by June 15 of each academic year.