Calendar Committee

The Calendar Committee will review the calendar (graduate and undergraduate) as published for the current academic year and as proposed for the next academic year to determine if modifications are desirable. The Committee’s recommendations, with rationale, are made to the Provost. (At this time, the School of Health Sciences calendar does not come under the purview of the committee.)

Additionally, the committee should develop and submit for approval the academic calendars for the next five years.


  • Dean or Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences – 1, and Dean or Associate Dean, College of Business – 1
  • Graduate Programs – 1
  • One of the Program Directors, College of Arts and Sciences – 1
  • Registrar and Undergraduate Advising – 3
  • Human Resources – 1 (Associate Director)
  • Other – 1 (To be determined by Provost)
  • Faculty – 2 (one faculty member from each of the colleges – College of Arts and Sciences and College of Business)
  • Students – 2 (Selection to be made by Student Senate in conjunction with the Office of the Provost – one student from each of the colleges)

MEETINGS: As necessary at the call of the Chair.

REPORT: The final report should be made to the Provost by October 1 for inclusion in University publications for the next academic year.