Residency Requirement

All matriculating students at Bryant must complete the last 30 credits (10 courses) of their degree requirements at Bryant. If a student lives a considerable distance from the University so as to preclude commuting, he/she may petition the Director of Undergraduate Advising to complete no more than the last six credit hours at an approved institution. None of this work may be in the student’s area of concentration, and only one of the two courses may be in the business area. The petition will be considered for approval provided that the student has matriculated for at least 30 credit hours, and has no more than six credits remaining to meet the distributive requirements, and otherwise meets the standards of academic progress. The University is prepared to accept up to 92 semester hours credit in transfer from a four-year institution and up to 62 semester hours credit from a two-year community college or institution. Courses that are transferred are for credit only and are not calculated into the grade point average (GPA). Students who have reached junior standing (62 credits passed) may not transfer credits from a junior college.