Bryant’s Web Governance Policies

The Bryant University Digital Properties which include our high profile websites and primary  social media channels, are critical branding tools for the institution. Our online properties and presences serve to:

  • Manage relationships with incoming students, internal audiences (faculty and staff), alumni, business and community partners, and other key audiences;
  • Communicate the University brand and priorities;
  • Offer effective guidance to and presentation of key information.

Maintaining the content on Bryant Institutional websites and other digital properties is a substantive undertaking, and it’s imperative that we ensure clear, consistent communication across thousands of pages on an ongoing basis. Our success in achieving our core objectives is directly tied to the websites functioning at the highest levels of information quality and user experience, in line with best practices for digital content.

Bryant’s institutional websites and digital properties such as social media channels are often the initial touchpoint a student, scholar, or prospective faculty member has with the institution. Positive first impressions are critical to facilitating meaningful relationships. If our digital properties have inaccurate information, outdated design, conflicting brand messages, or an inconsistent user experience, we have made a poor impression. The user may abandon the site entirely, and key opportunities may be lost. Therefore, it’s essential that we work from common guidelines and policies in order to ensure that the quality of our online experiences reflects the high quality of our education.

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