Media Relations

It is the policy of Bryant University that all media inquiries and contacts received by employees, faculty, and students in relation to the University, its services, or activities will be referred to the University Relations Department.

The Director of Public Relations and/or Executive Director of University Relations function as the University’s official spokespersons. The Director and/or Executive Director work with senior administrators to gain necessary information and communicate appropriate messages.

The Director of Public Relations will establish and maintain a cooperative relationship with the media. Media relations efforts are also organized through the Assistant Athletic Director for External Relations. The University will respond as soon as possible to requests from the media, recognizing that most requests involve deadlines.

Through a planned media relations program, the University Relations Department and Athletic Department will help develop a strong, positive image of Bryant University to support its endeavors and enhance communications with the external community.

All media must communicate with the University Relations Department or the Athletic Department before coming to campus. Reporters, photographers, and television crews may not enter the campus to interview or photograph staff, faculty, or students without approval by the Director of Public Relations, Executive Director of University Relations, or the Assistant Athletic Director for External Relations.

Employees should notify the Department of Public Safety (DPS) when they encounter reporters, photographers, or television crews on the campus who are unaccompanied by an escort from University Relations. DPS, upon investigation, will notify the Director of Public Relations of the media’s presence.

Unauthorized personnel who divulge confidential information to the media on matters pertaining to the University and its students will be subject to disciplinary action.

Employees identifying themselves to the media as representing the University, without specific authorization to do so, are subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

Office of University Relations
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