Inclement Weather

Bryant University is a student-centered residential University, and therefore its activities continue despite inclement weather conditions. Bryant will close only in the most severe circumstances. In those circumstances, Bryant may delay opening, close early, or close for an entire workday.When a decision has been made to cancel classes and close administrative offices, employees will find that information on the homepage and the Department of Public Safety Information line at (401) 232 – 6002. Information about delays or cancellations will also be shared through Bryant Announcement emails and regional radio and TV stations in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Every attempt will be made to post morning announcements by 6:15 a.m. and evening announcements by 3:00 p.m., but these times may vary depending upon changing weather conditions.

Use of Vacation or Personal Time During Inclement Weather

Employees and Bryant share an interest in protecting the well-being of faculty and staff while supporting the needs of our students. In this spirit, it is anticipated that employees will make every effort, consistent with their own safety, to be at work when needed.

When Bryant University remains open during inclement weather, employees who choose not to come to work because of travel conditions or family needs, or who decide to leave work before the end of their scheduled workday, may charge their time against available vacation or personal time. Employees, other than those who work in a position/department designated essential (see below), may ask their supervisor for a variation from their regular schedule due to severe weather conditions.

When Bryant closes due to inclement weather, non-essential employees will be paid for the hours they were scheduled to be at work. However, when an employee calls in sick or has planned a vacation day when the institution is subsequently closed for inclement weather, time off will be charged as previously scheduled, i.e. as sick time or vacation time.

Essential Operations

Due to the nature of Bryant University’s activities and the complexity of its operations, there are certain essential services that must be provided regardless of weather conditions. Essential services include those provided by Facilities, Public Safety, and Residence Life staff. Because these departments are expected to remain operational, employees within these departments are expected to report to work even when Bryant is closed. Depending on the circumstances, other personnel may also be required to report to work.

Supervisors have the responsibility to identify work roles deemed essential and to inform affected individuals in advance of their obligation. Essential employees who are released from work during an inclement weather event will receive their normal pay as outlined above.

Important Contacts: Department of Public Safety Info Line 401-232-6002