Directed Study Programs

  1. A directed study course is an independent, in-depth study or research project pursued by a student. It involves working individually under the direction of the supervising faculty member with the approval of the appropriate department chair.
  2. The topic to be studied must be submitted by the student to the supervising faculty member for approval prior to or at the start of the semester.
  3. The topic to be studied should explore a subject beyond its treatment in an advanced-level course in the University curriculum.
  4. The student’s ability to define a problem and investigate it thoroughly (through intensive study that leads to the preparation of a well-researched paper) will be central to his/her success in any directed study course.
  5. Students are limited to one directed study per semester and a maximum of two directed studies during their Bryant career.
  6. Directed studies cannot be used as substitutes for Bryant courses in the catalog.