Attendance Make-up Policy

The academic experience takes priority over all other activities. Accordingly, full attendance and participation in classes are expected of all students and is the responsibility of all students. Because of the unique nature of each course, teaching style, course objectives, and student situation and performance needs, the class professor is in the best position to determine fair and reasonable attendance and make-up policies for his/her course. Guidance on developing attendance and make-up policies can be provided by the Department Chair. The professor’s attendance and make-up policies shall be clearly defined in the course syllabus.

While professors have wide latitude in determining to what degree attendance and/or class participation may count toward the course grade, they are expected to make reasonable accommodations for students to make-up missed exams or assignments under the following documented circumstances:

  • The student is away from campus attending an official University function or is representing the University in an official capacity (e.g. professional meeting, conference, as a member of a judging team, academic or athletic competitions, etc.);
  • Required military duty as certified by the student’s commanding officer;
  • Jury duty;
  • Illness or injury sufficient to prevent class attendance;
  • Death or serious illnesses in the family.

Students are to contact the Office of the Registrar in the event of situations requiring prolonged absences. In turn, the Office of the Registrar will provide initial notification of the student’s absence to her/his professors for the current term. However, this will not preclude or replace the necessary communication between student and the professor regarding the absence.

Withdrawing from Bryant

Students are considered active and responsible both academically and financially unless they withdraw formally from the University. All undergraduate students who plan to withdraw from Bryant University are required to notify and complete an official withdrawal form in the Office of the Registrar. At that time, the student will complete an exit interview and be advised about his/her obligations to the University. After the tenth week of the term, students will be graded according to the University Grading Policy. The withdrawal form can be processed immediately or at the end of the semester, and the student’s intent to withdraw will be communicated to the appropriate offices. Additional future registrations and housing will be canceled.

Return from Withdrawal

Students who have been withdrawn for more than two consecutive semesters must reapply through the Admission Office and meet all course, distribution, and quality requirements in effect at the time of reentry.