The Academic Center for Excellence and the Writing Center

The Academic Center for Excellence

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) is dedicated to helping all Bryant University students achieve academic success. The goal at ACE is to help students become self-reliant, independent, confident learners so that they may successfully meet the demands of their chosen academic curricula. This is achieved through our internationally accredited peer tutoring program and study-skills instruction by our professional staff. Group sessions are encouraged as a mode of instruction. Professional staff members, peer tutors, and faculty work together to foster a supportive learning environment.

Students with learning disabilities can process academic accommodation requests in the Academic Center for Excellence. To receive academic accommodations, students must submit documentation that describes the nature of the learning disability to the learning specialist at ACE. Diagnostic testing that identifies the existence of the learning disability must have been completed within the past three years. The learning specialist recommends academic accommodations; however, it is incumbent upon the student to schedule an appointment with the learning specialist at the beginning of each new semester to arrange for service. Students with learning disabilities should contact the learning specialist at (401) 232-6746.

Academic Services for Student-Athletes:

ACE, in partnership with the Department of Athletics provides tailored assistance for the unique needs of student-athletes. Students in our Division I athletics programs have challenging schedules and often need additional help finding a balance between the demands of athletics and academics. ACE provides these students support with general study skills, time management and overall organization. Quiet study time is provided in ACE’s comfortable lounge areas and study rooms.

Academic Services for International Students and English Language Learners:

The Academic Center for Excellence and the Writing Center offer specialized services for international students and English language learners to help them increase their academic confidence and improve their performance as Bryant students, preparing them for the global job market.

The Writing Center

Effective written communication is essential throughout an individual’s education and career. The Writing Center offers students assistance in both personalized and workshop settings. Peer writing consultants and professional staff help students with papers for any course. The Writing Center’s purpose is to help students develop as writers by helping them recognize their writing strengths and weaknesses. The staff views writing as a process and is prepared to assist students at any stage. They do not rewrite sentences or paragraphs but rather guide students to address their particular concerns through questions and comments.