Student Involvement


Student Involvement and Student Organizations


Location:         Fisher Student Center, 2nd Floor

Phone Numbers:

  • Involvement: 401-232-6160
  • Operations: 401-232-6993
  • Information Center: 401-232-6245
  • Scheduling: 401-232-6117


The Office of Campus Engagement strives to create an inclusive atmosphere that fosters personal and professional growth through leadership, programming, service opportunities, and new student programs. Built on the foundation of the Fisher Student Center, the living room of the campus, we provide the services and programs which enhance the life of our community.  Our team supports, challenges and mentors students, employees and organizations to fulfill the mission and vision of Bryant University.

The Office of Campus Engagement offices are located on the second and third floors of the Fisher Student Center, and staff members are responsible for the overall management of the Fisher Student Center and Interfaith Center facilities as well as providing support to the more than 100 student clubs and organizations on campus. Each year, the staff also works in conjunction with other departments and organizations to coordinate the following programs: Orientation, Opening Weekend, The Big B, Homecoming/Reunion, Family & Friends Weekend, Festival of Lights, and Spring Weekend. Major student organizations (The Archway, Commuter Connection, Ledger yearbook, Student Programming Board, Student Senate, WJMF Radio Station, Greek Leadership) are also advised by the Campus Engagement staff.

In addition to the leadership opportunities available through clubs and organizations, the Office of Campus Engagement coordinates such programs as the Leadership Development Series: Linked Through Leadership and the annual all-campus Recognition Program for clubs and organizations. Students are also strongly encouraged to become involved in community service, and our office collaborates with faculty, staff, and many departments to coordinate service efforts throughout the year.


There are three categories of student organizations at Bryant University: partnering organizations; academic clubs, and sports clubs.

Partnering Organizations

Partnering organizations serve as recognized representatives of the student body and its constituents to the University administration, and are advised by paid University staff dedicated to serving in this role. These organizations include The Archway, Commuter Connection, International Student Organization, Multicultural Student Union, Ledger yearbook, Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council, Student Senate, Student Programming Board, and WJMF Radio Station. These organizations have specific functions and obligations delegated to them by Bryant University; they are directly supervised by the University in the exercise of these functions.

Academic Clubs

Academic clubs are comprised of students who share a common academic interest. These organizations may be supported by a specific academic department or, in the case of interdisciplinary organizations, the Academic Affairs division.   In either case, the Academic Club should show how their mission and activities are aligned with the mission of their supporting academic organization.  Academic clubs are advised by a faculty or staff member of the department or division with which they are aligned.

Sport Clubs

Club Sports are comprised of individuals who have a desire to compete or participate in a sport. Each club’s level of activity is unique and ranges from regional to national intercollegiate competition. Each club is represented on the Club Sports Council and is advised by the Director of Club Sports and Intramurals. Club Sports is committed to improving the quality of student life for all participants involved while offering different opportunities to meet the needs of the Bryant community.


A student group desiring recognition by Bryant University as an organization must follow the steps below to be approved by the Student Senate and the Associate Dean/Director of the Office of Campus Engagement, or his/her designee. A student group desiring recognition as a sports club must submit a written proposal to be approved by the Student Senate in conjunction with the Director of Club Sports/Athletics Department and the Associate Dean/Director of the Office of Campus Engagement or his/her designee. A student group desiring recognition as a fraternity or sorority must submit a written proposal to be approved by the appropriate Greek governing body, as well as the Office of Campus Engagement and the Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students.

The process to request recognition as a student organization is as follows:

  1. Attend a new club interest meeting hosted by the Associate Dean/Director of the Office of Campus Engagement, or his/her designee in partnership with Vice President of Clubs and Organizations of the Student Senate
  2. Submit the new club interest form located under the Student Senate OrgSync portal; this will include a proposed constitution and list of currently enrolled Bryant University students interested in becoming members. This form should be fully completed at least two weeks prior to the Student Senate meeting in which you will present your new club.
  3. A minimum of ten currently enrolled full-time undergraduate Bryant University students must indicate interest in order for the group to request recognition.
  4. Each proposed group must have a committed advisor who is a member of the Bryant University faculty or staff prior to formal presentation to the Student Senate.
  5. The proposed constitution will be reviewed and voted on by the members of the Student Senate.
  6. If passed by the Student Senate, the constitution must then be approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students. If approved, the group becomes a provisionally recognized student organization for the first full semester.
  7. All provisional recognized student organizations must go through New Club Orientation hosted by the Vice President of Clubs and Organizations of the Student Senate to learn about all services, privileges, and policies for student organizations.

Provisional Recognition Status

  • A provisionally recognized student organization will have all student organization resources available however will have mandatory student organization requirements that will need to be fulfilled in the first semester in order to attain official recognition status.
    1. Provisional Club Requirement Checklist will be posted on the Student Senate Portal on OrgSync.
  • Under Provisional Recognition Status, clubs will be ineligible to apply for Request for Initial Funding until fully recognized.
  • After the first full semester, the student organization will present provisional club requirement checklist with evidence to the Vice President of Clubs and Organizations of the Student Senate and the Associate Dean/Director of the Office of Campus Engagement, or his/her designee.
  • If the provisionally recognized student organization does not fulfill this checklist, they must go through one more semester of provisional status to complete this checklist. If the club does not succeed, they will be ineligible to apply for full recognition.

In order to be recognized by the University, all organizations must include the following statements in their constitution:

  • Membership is open to all interested full-time undergraduate Bryant students.
  • All meetings are open to the Bryant community.
  • The president must attend monthly Student Presidents Advisory Council (SPAC) Meetings.
  • The president and treasurer must attend annual treasurer training hosted by the Office of Campus Engagement & Student Senate at the beginning of the fall semester.
  • The president and treasurer must be intending to spend the entire officer year on campus at Bryant University while serving office (with no intention of being abroad during their term).

Groups seeking recognition that are affiliated with a nationally-recognized organization may be allowed to limit their membership, pending the approval of the Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designee.

Students, who pledge, join, accept membership or affiliate in any way with a former fraternity or sorority whose recognition has been withdrawn by the University are in violation of University policy and are subject to disciplinary action. This disciplinary action may range from probation status to University suspension.

All social fraternities and sororities must be nationally affiliated to be recognized by the University.

The University, through the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students, reserves the right to deny recognition to any student organization who’s stated aims and/or objectives are not consistent with those of Bryant University. The Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students may revoke an existing organization’s recognition whenever due cause for said revocation can be clearly demonstrated.

All student organizations are required to maintain an updated constitution, along with a current Student Organization Registration with the Office of Campus Engagement through their OrgSync portal in April of each year.

The act of recognition implies that a student organization obligates itself to abide by all the rules and regulations of the University pertaining to student organizations. These rules and regulations are specified throughout this handbook and other University publications. In addition, members and officers agree to comply with all academic rules and regulations of the University and recognize that violation of any University policies or interference with University functions is grounds for disciplinary action against the organization and its members.

Recognition or the ability to use the name “Bryant University” does not imply or indicate Bryant University sponsorship or approval of the activities of the organization.

For a list of Clubs and Organizations, visit OrgSync for Bryant University.


Comprised of the presidents of all recognized student organizations and chaired by the Vice President of Clubs and Organizations of the Student Senate, SPAC provides an intermediary communication link between the Student Senate and all clubs/student organizations. It serves as a reliable source for distributing information and sponsoring workshops, seminars concerning budgets, student policies, fundraisers and other related topics.

Club Sports and non-SIF funded student organizations are exempt for attending SPAC.



Student organizations requesting funding from the University may do so through the Student Senate Ways & Means committee each spring semester for the upcoming fiscal year. All funds for student clubs and organizations must be kept within the University’s budgetary system; no off-campus accounts will be permitted.  Expenditure of these funds is subject to State, University and Student Senate Ways & Means guidelines and procedures.


All student planned activities, including fund-raising events, held on Bryant University property must be approved by the Office of Campus Engagement or Athletics (club sports). Although the general policy holds, separate guidelines exist regarding activities held in the Townhouses, Residence Halls, and the Fisher Student Center. The specific policies can be obtained from the administrators responsible for those areas.  More detailed general policies may be obtained from the Office of Campus Engagement.  Please refer to the Resource Guide for Student Clubs and Organizations on OrgSync.

  1. Conditions for Approval for an Event:
    • Assurance that all University regulations, local, state and federal laws concerning fire and safety regulations, necessary security, and conduct will be followed.
    • Indication that the activity is consistent with the purposes and constitution of the sponsoring organization.
    • Availability of financial resources on the part of the sponsoring organization if the event is a financial failure or if property damage is incurred.
    • Assurance that no group or individual will accrue private financial gain from sponsorship of the event.
  2. Damage/Theft Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the sponsor(s) for any damage, theft, and/or abuse of facilities immediately before, during and after the event.
  3. Facility Cleanup: It is the responsibility of the sponsor(s) to leave the facility in a satisfactory condition, as determined by the University, after each event.
  4. Financial Responsibility: The sponsor(s) assumes complete financial responsibility for any damage, theft, and/or abuse of the facilities immediately before, during, and after each event.
  5. Fees: Appropriate fees will be assessed for rental, services, and maintenance.
  6. Activities Sponsored By Outside Groups: Events must be related to the general mission and function of the University or be a community service function. These events will generally not be held while the University is in session. Coordination for outside groups is through the Conference Office (401-232-6921).


  1. Any recognized student organization wishing to sponsor activities which require the use of University facilities must initiate its request in the Office of Campus Engagement.
  2. Any office or department wishing to sponsor activities which require the use of University facilities must initiate its request with the Central Scheduling or with the Fisher Student Center Scheduling Office if the event is to be held in the Fisher Student Center.
  3. Activities requiring set-ups (tables, staging, and/or Facilities staff) must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks (10 working days) prior to the event. This will be strictly enforced.
  4. The authority of determining the availability of space rests with the Central Scheduling Coordinator and the Fisher Student Center Scheduling Office.
  5. If the dining areas are desired and/or food is needed, the sponsoring group is responsible for making all necessary arrangements with dining services at least two weeks (10 working days) in advance.
  6. If it becomes necessary for the sponsoring group to cancel an activity, it is their responsibility to notify the Central Scheduling Coordinator or the Fisher Student Center Scheduling Office immediately. Otherwise, the sponsor may be charged for the expenses incurred in preparing for the activity.


  1. Private or commercial trips may not be advertised in University facilities or on bulletin boards without the permission of the Associate Dean/Director of Campus Engagement or the Director of Residence Life. Advertising flyers may not be placed under residence hall doors or on car windshields.
  2. Recognized student organizations (RSO) may use the University facilities and bulletin boards to advertise trips. However, the University does not imply its sponsorship of such trips by allowing the use of its facilities for advertisement purposes only.
  3. Recognized Student organization trips are registered by the Office of Campus Engagement, Office of Residence Life, Department of Athletics, or other appropriate University office.
  4. Students have no authority to contract for trips or travel arrangements on behalf of Bryant University. The Associate Dean/Director of Campus Engagement, Director of Residence Life, and Director of Athletics are the authorized agents of the University in this regard. Trips conducted against this policy by students or recognized student organizations are not considered official University organization travel, and the sponsoring RSO may have some or all of its privileges as an organization revoked. Individual students organizing such unauthorized trips may also be subject to disciplinary action.
  5. RSO advisors must notify the Department of Public Safety of buses coming onto campus to pick up students; specifically indicating time and location of arrival.


  1. It is a condition of use of Bryant University facilities that the sponsoring group or organization will be held financially and judicially responsible for any damages that may result from the actions of persons attending that event.
  2. It is the sponsoring organization’s responsibility to take necessary precautions and provide necessary control over its own function so as to prevent damages or other such incidents from occurring. University Public Safety will be used as reinforcement for serious situations.


Requests for announcements are accepted for events sponsored by a Bryant University recognized group or organization. Student organizations may submit a form to the OCE Resource Center to be sent to the student body via OrgSync . Announcements for classes are directed to the Office of Academic Affairs.

Information submitted and the events/announcements themselves must be in accordance with all Bryant University policies and procedures governing student organization functioning and campus-sponsored events.

All submissions are due during the regular academic year by Wednesday and Friday at 12:00 pm, and pending approval from the Office of Campus Engagement staff, will be sent out the following business day (Mondays and Thursdays). Only one e-mail per event or announcement will be sent. For more information contact the Resource Center at


The following policies have been accepted by the Bryant University Student Senate and the Office of Campus Engagement. All clubs, organizations, and departments are advised to follow these policies:

  1. Only currently recognized Bryant University student organizations or departments may post posters and signs in the Unistructure and Residence Halls (see Fisher Student Center policy for specific rules relating to that facility).
  2. Posters and signs in the Unistructure may be displayed in enclosed bulletin boards (not departmental). To advertise in the residence halls, posters must be submitted to the Office of Residence Life a minimum of one week prior to your event. Residence Life staff will review the posters, and if approved, submitting group/organization will then be allowed to post them in designated areas within the residence halls. Outdated posters will be removed on a daily basis.
  3. Posters and signs must bear the name of the sponsoring organization or department. In addition, they cannot advertise alcohol as the major focus of the sign or event.
  4. Any signs placed on classroom bulletin boards may not overhang the board, and only one sign per classroom bulletin board is permitted. The maximum number posted for any event is two per bulletin board.
  5. A poster making machine is available in the student organization resource area (third floor of the Fisher Student Center) for use by all recognized student organizations and clubs.
  6. Sidewalk chalking is not permissible on brick walkways; it is permissible on other walkways. If you have any questions about where chalking is permissible, stop by the Office of Campus Engagement.
  7. Off-campus groups must receive permission from the Associate Dean/Director of the Office of Campus Engagement or his/her designee to advertise their event(s) on campus. This permission will be given if the event(s) is/are in support of the aims of the University.
  8. Failure to abide by the guidelines in this policy will necessitate immediate removal of unauthorized posters and signs.       Anyone found guilty of removing posters, unless authorized by the Office of Campus Engagement or the sponsoring organization is subject to campus discipline. Violations may be referred to Community Standards.


The Fisher Student Center houses most of the major student organizations on campus.

These include:

The Archway – The student-run newspaper provides coverage of campus events, sports, entertainment features and expressions of student opinion. The Archway is distributed in newsstands throughout the Unistructure and the Fisher Student Center. The Archway welcomes submissions and letters to the editor. Submissions can be dropped off at the Archway Office on the third floor of the Fisher Student Center. The Archway’s full editorial policy can be found in any issue.

Community Service Office – The mission of the Community Service Office is to enrich learning and foster community building at Bryant University. Our aim is to engage the campus in opportunities to enhance the quality of life for others and themselves through volunteerism, philanthropy, and activism/awareness.

The Commuter H.U.B. – This student organization serves as an informal educational and social service to the commuting students. Its role is to become the link of communication between all commuters and the rest of the University.

Greek Life office – This office oversees the executive boards representing the leadership from the Panhellenic Council and the Interfraternity Council. It offers programming, philanthropy, and community events to unite the Greek community as a whole.

International Student Organization – This diverse group is open to all Bryant students in order to promote social and cultural interaction among members of the University. The club holds both cultural and social activities and functions.

Ledger – The University yearbook provides a pictorial retrospective on the Bryant school year and coverage of graduating seniors, sports, and activities.

Multicultural Student Union – This organization serves as a representative body for students from many ethnic backgrounds. It strives to improve the quality of life at Bryant by educating the community about other cultures.

Student Programming Board – The Student Programming Board is responsible for programming a variety of social, cultural, educational and recreational activities for the entire Bryant community. The organization’s primary goal is to enhance campus life through the presentation of quality and diverse entertainment. SPB is the center of student entertainment and is responsible for planning and sponsoring the following types of activities:

  • on-campus movies
  • bands
  • comedy shows
  • cultural event
  • lectures
  • theme weekends
  • novelty programs
  • concerts
  • trips

Student Senate – The Bryant University Student Senate is the governing body for all students and most student organizations and clubs, and serves as a channel of communication between the student body and the faculty and administration of the University. The Student Senate provides a spectrum of services and activities to the Bryant community. It is comprised of numerous committees to examine the issues and needs of students, and strives to initiate action to meet these needs. In addition, the Student Senate, through the Student Involvement Fee (SIF) Oversight Board, and Ways and Means Committee, shares responsibility with the University for allocating and monitoring the student involvement fee (SIF) paid by all full time undergraduate students.


Location:         Center of Campus

Phone:             401-232-6245


Hours of Operation (School Year):

Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 1am

Saturday: 10am – 1am

Sunday: 10am – 1am

Hours of Operation (Summer, Winter, and Spring Breaks):

Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 5pm

Saturday: 10am – 2pm

Sunday: Closed

The Fisher Student Center complements the academic experience through a variety of cultural, educational, social and co-curricular programs and partnerships, thereby fostering a sense of community that enhances the University’s mission and goals.

The offices located in the Fisher Student Center include:

Office of Campus Engagement, PWC Center for Diversity and Inclusion, which comprises the Intercultural Center, Gertrude Meth Hochberg Women’s Center, Pride Center, Interfaith Center and Campus Ministries.


The Fisher Student Center has eight different meeting rooms located throughout the building and ranging in size from a twelve person conference room to a two hundred fifty twenty seat meeting room.  Please refer to the Fisher Student Center Meetings and Events Resource Guide at or Office of Campus Engagement website at for additional information.

The Fisher Student Center gives space reservation priority to recognized student organizations seven days a week from 2:00pm to 11:00pm. However, we do allow limited requests of space for academic classes or class -related seminar/workshops/presentations.  Organizations which hold regular weekly meetings may apply to the Office the Campus Engagement Scheduling Center for meeting space each spring.  Reservations will remain in effect for a full year unless groups do not adhere to Fisher Student Center policies.  It is the responsibility of the individuals who reserved the meeting room to be sure the room is cleaned before they leave.

To schedule a meeting or an event in the Fisher Student Center, student organizations should submit a request using 25Live ( or contact the Scheduling Coordinator at 401-232-6117.


Location:         Fisher Student Center, 1st Floor

Phone:             401-232-6245

Normal Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 11pm

Saturday: 12pm – 10pm

Sunday: 12pm – 11pm

  • Scheduling Center for the FSC, Interfaith Centers, Hall 17 Conference Room, and the Event Coordinator staff
  • Purchase tickets for campus events, discount movie passes, stamps and newspaper
  • Laptop chargers are available on loan
  • Copy center/print booth, to print papers, bind reports or fax/scan documents
  • ID card photos and pickup
  • Transportation services information


The Fisher Student Center is responsible for producing all Bryant University ID Cards at the Information Center.

In addition to being used for identification, your Bryant ID is used throughout the campus for admission to Salmanson dining hall, the library, the residence halls, and fitness center.  It is also encoded with information regarding your meal plan information and Bulldog Bucks balance and will allow you to ride RIPTA (Bus line) for free.

By depositing money into your Bulldog Bucks account, the Bryant ID can be used for making purchases at all retail establishments on campus. Bulldog Bucks can be purchased in the Auxiliary Services Office, located on the 2nd floor of the Unistructure, or by calling Auxiliary Services at 401-232-6035.  Bulldog Bucks can also be purchased online at

Students are required to carry their ID card with them at all times on campus and, upon request, must provide it to university officials.

A replacement card can be obtained from the Information Center located on the 1st floor of the Fisher Student Center.  Lost/Stolen or damaged cards will incur a $25 charge to your Bursar Account.


Located on first and second floors of the Fisher Student Center, operated by Santander Bank and Navigant Credit Union.  There is also a change machine located in the vending area on the second floor.  Other ATMs are in the Unistructure (Bank of America).


Bryant Transit Authority (BTA) – The Office of Campus Engagement coordinates a shuttle service seven days a week to and from the Lincoln Mall, the Providence Place Mall, Kennedy Plaza, and the train and bus stations, for a nominal fee. Trips to T.F. Green airport are scheduled during breaks and holidays. Schedules are available at the Information Center or online at

RIPTA – Rhode Island Public Transportation Authority is a public transit system which runs to and from Bryant to downtown Providence, seven days a week, year round.  Schedules are available at the Information Center or online at This service is free to students and the pickup/dropoff is located at the Chace Center Circle.

Zipcar at Bryant – Zipcars are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year round.  Gas and insurance are included with every reservation.  You must be 18+ years old to sign up and Zipcar accepts all international licenses. Join at for only $25.


The Fisher Student Center dining services are located on the first floor of the building. The food options are operated by national franchises and the campus dining services vendor.

Dunkin Donuts Coffee & doughnut shop 401-531-6675
The Scoop Ice cream & convenience store 401-232-6133
Nick’s Place Sandwiches, wraps, calzones, pizza, salads, and grilled items 401-232-6584
Subway sub and sandwich shop 401-232-6310
Vending machines 2nd Floor FSC: snack foods and drinks


Location:         Fisher Student Center, 2nd Floor

Phone:             401-232-6240


Hours of Operation (school year):

Monday to Thursday: 8:30am to 6:30pm

Friday: 8:30am to 4:00pm

Saturday: 1:00pm to 3:00pm

The Bookstore provides all required textbooks and school supplies. Textbooks are available for sale and on a rental basis and are repurchased from students throughout the year.  The bookstore also offers imprinted clothing and gifts, health and beauty aids, greeting cards, novelties, general books, magazines, newspapers and alumni products. Services include class ring orders, personal book orders, and special orders of imprinted merchandise.

For on-line textbook ordering and merchandise, the website is or


The Fisher Advisory Board (FAB) enhances the environment of our campus living room through partnerships, services and best student union practices. FAB shall execute this under the authority of the power granted to this organization through student representation on FAB and the appointment of professional staff and vendors, in addition to support from the University Community. FAB is responsible for providing a diverse range of programming that will encourage student engagement and sense of belonging, in addition to evaluating building operations and making recommendations on policy, coordination of meetings and events, and the student employee program.


Advertising/Display Cases/Window Decorating – Advertising in the FSC is managed by the Office of Campus Engagement.  Poster displays, electronic messaging boards, and table cards are available throughout the building.  Please refer to the Office of Campus Engagement website for additional information. For Table Top Display information, please refer to form on OrgSync: To request a window(s) to decorate, please complete the following form on Orgsync at least 3 days in advance of the event:

Alcohol – Alcohol cannot be brought into the FSC.  Alcohol will be served in the FSC only through University Dining Services.

Dress – In accordance with health safety requirement regulations for public buildings, shirts and shoes are required to be worn in all areas of the building.

Pets – The FSC does not permit animals (except service dogs) in the facility and will conform to state and local guidelines.  Tupper exemption!

Posting Policy – Paper flyers, advertisements, or signage is strictly prohibited from being hung in the Fisher Student Center and will be removed and discarded of immediately. Student Organizations and University Departments can request to put 8×11 or 11×17 flyers or posters in the various display cases throughout the FSC. These postings should be brought to the Office of Campus Engagement Operations Office on Monday – Friday between 8:30am – 4:30pm. Postings for specific events will be put up 10 days prior to the event and will be taken down the day following the event. Postings with general information will be put up a maximum of 10 days.

Razor scooters, bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, roller blades and other disruptive or potentially damaging items or behavior are not to be operated inside the building, only carried.

Selling and Solicitation – The FSC adheres to and enforces the University solicitation policy.  No outside solicitation can occur unless sponsored and/or authorized by a University official.

Smoking – Smoking is governed by state regulations and campus policy, is prohibited in the FSC, and within fifty feet of entrances.

Variances – Variances to policies will be granted only in extraordinary circumstances that further the mission of the University and the FSC. Approval will be granted by the Office of Campus Engagement.

Request for variances of FSC Policy should be submitted at the time of requesting space to the Office of Campus Engagement Communication & Scheduling Coordinator at the Information Center three (3) weeks prior to the program date.  Additional costs associated with variances are the responsibility of the requester.

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