A decal is required on all faculty, staff, and student vehicles. A decal can be obtained at the DPS office at no charge. When registering your vehicle on campus you must have the vehicle registration, a University ID card, and a current state-issued driver’s license. The registration form can be found in a printable format on the DPS Web site.

Unreserved parking during regular business hours is allowed between white-lined spaces or spaces marked in yellow have a sign marking it as reserved spot. Unauthorized parking in a reserved section is cause for enforcement action, which can include the vehicle being cited, booted, or towed at the owner’s expense.

Overnight parking is allowed in the white-lined spaces of all parking lots, except in the area of the commuter lot after the second cobblestone walkway. This is legal overnight parking in the area between the Bello Road and the first cobblestone walkway, and between the first and second cobblestone walkway, excluding only those areas marked as reserved. The restrictions in the overnight parking area are from 1 a.m. Monday morning through Friday evening at 5 p.m.


A citation can be appealed on the DPS Web site or by picking up an appeal form at the DPS office. The Appeals Committee meets once a month and makes a ruling on all appealed citations. The results can be sent to an e-mail address, an on-campus mailbox, or home address. All appeals are final.


In order to maintain compliance with the University parking rules and regulations and prevent violations, DPS has a tow policy. The following reasons are causes for a vehicle being towed.

  1. Parking in a fire lane.
  2. Parking in a handicapped zone (without the proper state or University permit).
  3. A vehicle has two outstanding fines on record and a third is being applied.
  4. A vehicle is parked where it obstructs other vehicles.
  5. A vehicle is parked in a space reserved for the Resident Director, and it was requested that the vehicle be moved.


Bryant University provides designated disabled parking for those displaying the appropriate placard. State-issued handicapped permits are honored on campus provided that it is appropriately displayed.

  1. Permanent Handicap: Permanently handicapped individuals may receive permanent handicap parking status on campus upon presenting to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) a state handicapped parking decal which has been assigned to them.
  2. Temporary Handicap: Temporary handicapped parking privileges are awarded to persons who present a doctor’s note indicating that a temporary health concern is present that requires handicap parking.  The duration of the permit cannot exceed 90 days.  Requests for longer periods not covered by the Today Only pass, below, require an updated doctors’ certification letter.  Thereafter, a state permanent pass must be presented.
  3. Today Only: A “Today Only” permit may be issued to a person with an obvious need (e.g. crutches, cast on foot/leg, etc.) without a doctor’s certification. The Today Only pass can be re-issued but for no more than 5 days.  Thereafter, a doctor’s certification is needed.

Any unauthorized vehicle parked in a handicapped space is subject to a citation and immediate towing at the expense of the driver/owner.


This parking guide has been designed to provide you with helpful information regarding campus parking and traffic rules. These rules are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are strictly enforced.


Legal parking on campus is within designated white-lined spaces except where marked as reserved. There is no curbside parking allowed on campus. Parking in a fire lane, handicapped space, or reserved space is cause for a citation with a fine and/or towing of the vehicle. Payment of fines can be made by mail or at the DPS office during normal business hours. Appeal forms can be obtained at the DPS office and must be submitted to DPS no more than five days after the citation is issued. The Appeal Committee meets monthly during the school year and results will be mailed to either a campus mailbox or to a home address. An appeal fee is attached to each appeal not reduced or approved.


All vehicles belonging to faculty, staff, or actively enrolled Bryant students must be registered with DPS. Parking permits are free of charge and can be obtained at the DPS office. To receive a permit you must fill out a short informational form and produce a valid vehicle registration, a current state-issued driver’s license, and a Bryant University ID.


Visitor hangtags can be requested through DPS for special guests arriving on campus. The guests should stop at the Entry Control Station (ECS) to pick up a visitor hangtag and obtain directions to the appropriate parking area. The visitor’s tag should remain in plain view on the rear-view mirror of the car and is valid only on the date (s) indicated on the pass. This area is reserved from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.


A student requesting a guest pass must use the online guest-pass form available on the DPS Web page. The completed form is e-mailed to the Entry Control Station (ECS) and will be presented to the visitor upon arrival. Informing the visitor of campus parking and traffic rules is the responsibility of the student host. Each student is allowed one visitor at a time on campus. Guests under the age of 18 must have the permission of the Vice President for Student Affairs or the Dean of Students to remain on campus overnight. Such permission must be granted no less than three days before the guest arrives. DPS retains the right to refuse access to any visitor. The visitor’s pass must remain in plain view on the dashboard of the vehicle.


Visitors to the Admission Office should stop a the Entry Control Station (ECS) and request an Admission parking pass. The visitor will then be directed to reserved parking. The pass should be placed in plain sight on the rear-view mirror, and it is valid only on the date(s) indicated. This area is reserved from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Disabled parking is available throughout campus in close proximity to building entrances. DPS will make reasonable accommodations for disabled parking for persons with special needs. The lot behind the Athletic Complex (MAC Lot) is parking for disabled only. All vehicles must bear, and properly display, an appropriate State or DPS-issued handicapped permit. Failure to display a proper permit could result in fine and/or the towing of the vehicle.


Faculty, staff, and students with a valid decal may park in any space designated for parking unless marked as reserved, or obviously sectioned off for a special event.


Overnight parking is restricted to the area before the second cobblestone walkway in the commuter lot. The non-overnight area has three entrances that are marked with signs. Overnight parking is allowed in any white-lined space that is not marked as reserved. In time-sensitive reserved spaces, the vehicle must be moved by the time noted on the sign.


Reserved parking is clearly marked on campus with a reserved sign and yellow striping, and requires a special permit for use. All reserved areas are checked regularly and violators may be fined, towed, or both.


Vehicles bearing a BLC permit can park in the reserved BLC area in the Island Lot (Bryant Center Lot), or in the BLC area in the first row of the Commuter Lot. If all the BLC spaces are in use, members are to park in general parking. The use of other reserved areas, handicapped spaces, or fire lanes is not permitted, and may result in a citation or the towing of vehicle.


This area is reserved for authorized staff members who use their personal vehicles as a requirement of their job, or University vehicles, delivery vehicles and vendors. With permission, DPS contractors working for the University may be issued a parking pass. Faculty, staff, and students (not fitting the above criteria) are not permitted to park in the rear circle. Violators will be fined, towed, or both.


Unauthorized driving and parking on walkways near the residence halls is not permitted. Driving on other campus walkways is also prohibited.


Unless otherwise authorized by the DPS on any part of Jacobs Drive or John Mowry Road is strictly prohibited.


Parking for motorcycles is allowed in the designated motorcycle parking area in the MAC lot, behind the Athletic Complex, or in any regular parking space. Parking on sidewalks, walkways, or other non-designated areas will constitute a fine and/or the towing of vehicle.


DPS monitors incoming campus traffic 24 hours a day. Vehicles with valid permits are allowed to use the right lane without stopping. Vehicles without a Bryant decal must stop and request a visitor or admission parking pass, and/or receive information. All vehicles must stop when directed by the attending officer.


When entering campus during times when the one-lane operation is in effect, all incoming vehicles must use the left lane and stop until signaled to proceed by the attending officer. Refusing entry to the campus is at the attending officer’s discretion.


The speed limit on campus is 20 mph. However, certain conditions such as evening hours or inclement weather, may require reduced speed.


A “park and drive at your own risk” is in effect at all times. DPS officers patrol parking areas and roadways on a regular basis, but the University cannot give unconditional guarantee of security and is not responsible for personal injury, damage, or theft of vehicles or belongings. In the event of an emergency, or if assistance is required, call 232-6911 (campus 232-6001), or use the Code Blue emergency phones located on the campus, or flag down a DPS officer.


DPS provides safety escorts, vehicle jump starts, and vehicle lockouts 24 hours a day. DPS can be reached at their business line at 232-6001.


Dry Seal Decals should be affixed to the lower-left inside corner of the windshield (driver’s side).

Hangtags whether PLC, Disabled, Admission guests, or Visitors, should be displayed on the rear-view mirror.

Student Requested Guest Passes should be displayed on the dashboard in plain view.

Motorcycle permits should be attached to the right front fork or lower left side of the faring (if applicable).


It is the responsibility of each person operating a motor vehicle on campus to inform DPS of unusual circumstances that may preclude compliance to these rules. Such failure constitutes a violation of these rules and is subject to enforcement action.


Although the Bryant decal is affixed to personal vehicles, it remains the property of the University. DPS has the right to recall the decal at any time.