Non-traditional (Part-Time) Students

Non-traditional students are described as those students whose primary focus is on work and/or family and who pursue their education on a part-time basis. Non-traditional students enroll in fewer than 12 credit hours of study during each semester. The fee is $3,015 per three-credit course. Non-traditional students have up to 12 years to complete their bachelor’s degree requirements, and must complete their final 30 credits at Bryant. Students may choose day or evening courses.

Non-traditional students are required to pay tuition in full or provide the University with a third-party authorization indicating that a payment will be made directly to the University and not the student by the billing due date.

If, by the end of the second week of class an account remains outstanding, a late fee up to $150 will be assessed to the account. A registration and transcript hold will also be placed on the account. The student will not be allowed to register for the following semester until his or her balance is resolved.

All non-traditional students must be admitted to a degree program. Students interested in pursuing a degree part time should schedule an appointment with the Office of Admission. When applying for admission, students must submit the following:

  1. Completed application for non-traditional, part-time status and a $50 application fee
  2. Official final high school transcript or an official copy of the results of the General Equivalency Examination
  3. Official transcripts from any colleges previously attended

Credits from another college may be transferred to Bryant in fulfillment of degree requirements. (Please see “Transfer Credit Evaluation.”)

A variety of support services are available to students who pursue their degree through part-time study. Services include information and advice on career placement, learning assistance, academic counseling, and access to the Chace Wellness Center and all library and computing resources.

A limited amount of financial aid is available to degree candidates registered for six through nine credits per semester. Students who study part time are also encouraged to review their eligibility to receive tuition reimbursement through employer educational benefits.

Note: On-campus housing and the laptop program are not available to non-traditional students, and participation in campus clubs and organizations is limited.