Key Control Policy

Key Control Policy – Faculty and Staff


1. All keys must be issued by and returned to the Facilities Locks and Keys Shop.

2. No deposits will be required.

3. No key shall be issued by or turned in to any person or office other than the Locks and Keys Shop.

4. No more than one key will be issued per person for the same area.

5. No keys are to be shared or loaned with anyone.

6. Lost and/or stolen keys must be reported immediately to the Department of Public Safety, Ext. 6001.

7. All keys must be returned to the Facilities Lock and Key Shop prior to departing Bryant University’s employment.

8. No key will be issued without a properly completed Work Request and a  Key Authorization Card.

Line of Authority for Key Authorization:

Great Grand Masters – by authority of the President, Director of Facilities and the Director of Public Safety.

Grand Masters – by authority of the Vice President responsible for the area or building and the Director of Public Safety.

Sub Masters – by authority of the Building Administrator responsible for the building and area and the Director of the individual requesting the key.

Individual Area Keys -by authority of employee’s Director

10.  To control continuity and security over the campus key system, the only lock cylinders and keys to be used on any area of Bryant University are those authorized and installed by the Facilities Lock and Key Shop located in the lower level of the Unistructure on the Administration Hall side across from the Department of Public Safety.