Entrance Examinations

Bryant University has adopted a test optional admission policy. As an institution committed to developing the student as a whole, this policy allows students more opportunities to demonstrate their strengths and talents. While we recognize that standardized tests accurately measure aptitude for many students, there are many still whose talents are not measured by such tests.

Students who feel their standardized test scores are not an accurate representation of their academic achievement or talent will now have the option of answering three questions in a short essay format in place of submitting their test scores to Bryant.

For those students who elect to submit test scores, results should be forwarded to Bryant (SAT CEEB code 3095)(ACT code 3802) directly. If during the evaluation process it is discovered that the test results are missing, the student will be notified by mail, email or phone. Delays in the decision-making process can result if the committee does not have the scores on time. The Admission Committee recommends that the test be taken by December of the senior year. In the evaluation process, if more than one score is reported, the highest composite score within one test (SAT or SAT Redesigned) will be used regardless of the test date. Only the highest composite ACT will be used regardless of the test date.