Student Records

Students’ academic records are maintained by the University and are a private matter between the student and the University. Disciplinary records are held separately from academic records and are maintained solely for the use of the University. All disciplinary records are maintained by the Dean of Students. These records are not forwarded outside the University, except with the permission of the student or by judicial order. Academic records are maintained permanently. Access to all records is limited. The guidelines and procedures for gaining access are stated under “Privacy Rights of Students.”

Educational records are maintained as follows:
Academic Transcripts Office of the Registrar/Academic Records Ms. Claire Senecal
Admission (Applications) Office of Admission Ms. Michelle Cloutier
Alumni Relations Development Office Ms. Robin Warde
Athletics Chace Wellness and Athletic Center Mr. William Smith
Career Services/Placement Amica Center for Career Education Ms. Judith Clare
Counseling Counseling Services Mr. William Phillips
Disciplinary Records Student Affairs/                           Residence Life Dr. John Saddlemire
Tuition/Fees Bursar Ms. Michele Marcarno
Financial Aid Financial Aid Office Mr. John Canning
Health Records Health Services Ms. Susan Curran
Housing Office of Residence Life Mr. John Denio
Immigration Intercultural Center Ms. Kaoru Paganelli
Library Services Douglas and Judith Krupp Library Ms. Mary Moroney
Public Safety Public Safety Office Public Safety Office
Student Academic Records Office of the Registrar Ms. Claire Senecal
Student Advising Records Office of Undergraduate Advising Mr. Aaron Dashiell
Registration Records Office of the Registrar Ms. Susan McLacken