Crime Reporting

Crime Reporting

Bryant University is a safe campus. However, bad things can and do occur anywhere and anytime. For that reason, it is important for the Bryant Community to familiarize itself with the crime reporting procedure on campus.

Knowledge and execution of this procedure can sometimes result in the prevention of a crime, apprehension of a suspect, and the return of valuables to the rightful owner.

Because the Department of Public Safety (DPS) cannot be everywhere at the same time, it is every community members’ shared responsibility to report crimes on campus. By doing so, Bryant University can continue to be as crime free as reasonably possible.

You can reach the Department of Public Safety at any time at 232-6001. The Emergency Line number is 232-6911.


Persons who fall victim to a crime should immediately notify DPS at 232-6001. If the crime scene jeopardizes the safety of any person, those persons should do all they can to move from the crime scene to a secure location as quickly as possible.

Steps that can help an investigation include:

  • Remain calm.
  • Report the crime immediately. Time is of the essence.
  • Do not handle, touch, or remove evidence.
  • Get a good description of the culprit: height, weight, color of hair and eyes, clothes, direction of travel, etc.
  • Vehicle information: make, model, and color of car, and license plate number.
  • Number of persons involved.
  • Date and time of the crime.
  • Method of the crime. How did it happen?

Once you have informed DPS, an officer(s) will respond to your location to interview you and investigate further. Try to remember and tell the officer as many details as possible.

Some crimes will require the presence and collaborated efforts of the Smithfield Police Department. However, any person who is a victim of a crime on campus may request that the Smithfield Police Department also file a report in addition to the DPS report.


Any person who is a victim of a crime on campus, witnesses a crime, or is made aware of any crime should call DPS at 232-6001. To report a crime in progress you may use the Emergency Line at 232-6911. The Department of Public Safety is staffed continually and you will speak with the dispatcher. Make sure to tell the dispatcher if the crime just occurred.