Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention Tips

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is committed to providing services that create and foster a safe environment. It attempts to create an atmosphere that is as safe as reasonably possible. That commitment is imbedded in the idea that all community members are active participants in the crime prevention effort. Each person shares responsibility for a safe campus.

Although Bryant University is recognized as a safe campus, suggestions that support and enhance personal safety and security for property are available to all community members.

Personal Safety on Campus

  • Look alert, assertive, self-confident, and in control. Those who look lost, confused, passive, or in a fog are more vulnerable.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings.
  • Stick to well lighted and well traveled areas.
  • Walk or jog with a companion at night.
  • Have your key in your hand as you approach your car or building.
  • Request an escort from DPS.
  • If approached by a would-be attacker, don’t panic. If you panic you won’t be able to outthink or outmaneuver the attacker.
  • If you are threatened, the first order of business is to get away. Drop anything that might slow you down.
  • Don’t accept a drink from anyone you don’t know and trust.
  • Don’t get in an elevator with someone who looks out of place or behaves in a strange or threatening way.
  • Be extra careful when using bathrooms that are isolated.
  • Report all harassing phone calls, e-mails, etc. to DPS.
  • Report all suspicious persons or activity to the DPS at 232- 6001.

Property Security on Campus

  • Lock personal, resident-hall rooms whenever you go out. It only takes a moment for a thief to steal.
  • Never leave your wallet, handbag, briefcase, laptop, or other valuables in unattended common areas or out in the open.
  • Lock personal valuables and cash in your desk and keep them out of sight.
  • Never carry large amounts of money. If you must, do not advertise that you are doing so.
  • Don’t attach your identification card to your key ring. This could help a thief find your car or room easily.
  • Engrave an identifying number in your personal property.
  • Report a lost University key immediately to the Department of Public Safety.
  • Do not hide an extra set of keys for your car on any part of the vehicle.
  • Always carry your purse tightly clutched in your hand or under your arm.
  • Use a lockdown device for your laptop.
  • Do not leave windows open in your residence hall.
  • Do not prop open doors.
  • Report all suspicious persons or activity to the Department of Public Safety.

For more information related to crime prevention issues, please contact the Department of Public Safety at 232-6001.