Counseling Services

Counseling Services

The Counseling staff provides individual counseling for students experiencing personal problems or concerns.  Students experiencing more serious psychological problems or who require more long term or intensive psychotherapy are referred to appropriate off-campus agencies.

Counseling staff also lead group programs designed to assist students in coping with the developmental tasks of the college years.

Counseling staff provide consultation services to faculty/staff regarding student behavior, as well as referral resources for faculty/staff seeking counseling/psychotherapy.

All counseling contact is confidential within ethical and legal guidelines.

Members of the Bryant community who need assistance may contact several on-campus resources including: Counseling Services (232-6045), Health Services (232-6220), and Campus Ministries (232-6712). The personnel in these offices can provide personal advising or counseling, detailed information on health issues and reporting procedures, or referrals to resources off campus.

On-Campus Resources for Victims of Sexual Misconduct: Members of the Bryant community who believe that they or another member of the community have been or are being subjected to any form of sexual misconduct have the right and are encouraged to report the matter to and seek assistance from Bryant University, off-campus resources, or both.

Victims who wish to access resources and support without their names being disclosed to other University officials, or others, should contact one of the following: Advocacy Helpline (401 258-4209), Counseling Services (232-6045), Health Services (232-6220), and Campus Ministries (232-6712). Disclosures to these employees generally will not trigger a University investigation into an incident against the victim’s wishes. In addition, these individuals will share only general information about the incident to the Title IX Coordinator, as required under federal law, and will not disclose information which identifies the victim except in those instances where the Title IX Coordinator determines that disclosure is necessary in order for the University to meet its legal obligations and/or to protect the safety and wellbeing of its community.

Mandated Reporters: Bryant has decided to adopt a policy that defines all employees, including faculty and staff, as mandatory reporters of sexual misconduct under Title IX and Title VII. However, counselors, health care providers and clergy are voluntary reporters, not mandated to report incidents of sexual misconduct.