Controller’s Office

Vehicle Use Policy

This policy and procedure document addresses the proper use of vehicles in the conduct of University business and activities. The University expects vehicles to be used safely and in accordance with appropriate laws, codes, and ordinances at all times. The Controller’s Office maintains the records on all University vehicles and authorized drivers, and it is responsible for the creation and monitoring of these policies. Questions regarding the procedures can be directed to the Controller’s Office at Ext. 6005.


Business Use of University-owned Vehicle Form

Vehicle Business Mileage Use Log

Form for Tracking Quarterly Purchase of Gasoline on University P-Card

Business Use of University-owned Vehicle

Report for the Period from



Driver Name:


As a driver of a Bryant University-owned vehicle, you are required by the University and IRS to provide the following information to the Controller’s Office. This information will be used to calculate and include additional income amounts reflected in paychecks you receive in the month this report is submitted. This information must also be provided to this office upon employees’ separation from Bryant.

Please provide the Controller’s Office with the following information by March 10, June 10, September 10, and December 10:

1. Year & Make of Auto:

2. License Plate #:

3. Beginning Mileage:

4. Ending Mileage:

5. Total Miles Driven:

6. Business Miles Driven:

7. Number of Months Employee drove this Vehicle during quarter: (Normally equal to 3 months unless a new vehicle was obtained sometime during the quarter. If so, please fill in another form for the new vehicle)

Please attach a copy of the business mileage logs along with this report.

Thank you for your cooperation. Feel free to call accounts payable at Ext. 6019 if you have any questions.


 For Controller’s Use Only

8. Personal Miles Driven:_________________