Conferences and Special Events

Mission Statement

The Office of Conferences and Special Events coordinates the use of Bryant’s facilities by external organizations. The office serves as a central point of contact for catering, housing, audiovisual equipment, and meeting space. Facilities rental results in non-tuition revenue and opportunities to showcase the University to prospective students. The Conference Office also coordinates University events including Commencement, Team Day, and the Annual Employee Holiday Party.


Department Name: Conferences & Special Events
The department is staffed by the Director of Conferences and Special Events (Ext. 6324) and the Assistant Director of Conferences and Special Events (Ext. 6160).


Grand Hall Reservation Form


Conference Management

Requests for use of facility privileges by all alumni-related and external organizations should be directed to the Director of Conferences/Special Events, the designated University liaison to the external community with regard to requests for use of facilities.

Non-residential Meetings, Conferences and Other Events

The University’s Office of Conferences and Special Events, or University Scheduling, should be contacted prior to planning Conferences, Workshops, Institutes, Sports Camps, or other non-academic credit programs that will attract guests from off campus. Written or verbal commitment of University facilities should NOT be made prior to clearing the date with University Scheduling. Parking, dining, and meeting resources are limited and must be taken into consideration. Presently, events that will attract more than 50 vehicles to campus Monday through Friday during normal business hours during Fall and Spring Academic Terms are not allowed. (See University Scheduling Policies.)

Note: During the Academic Year, external usage of Athletic Facilities is contracted and managed by the Athletics Department.

University employees who are members of a professional organization (Example: NEACAC, ACUHO) may sponsor a group’s use of facilities on a space-available basis. Reservations may be made up to one semester in advance. Facilities fees will not apply if the employee handles all aspects of meeting coordination. Conferences requiring coordination services from the Office of Conferences and Special Events will be subject to facilities fees. A certificate of insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming Bryant as an additional insured for the duration of facilities usage must be provided prior to the start of the program.

External groups wishing to use Bryant’s facilities must contact the Office of Conferences and Special Events, who will coordinate usage, prepare a contract, and administer billing.

Employee Personal Events

Employees wishing to use University facilities for a personal event for immediate family such as a bridal or baby shower, graduation, or birthday party may do so on a space-available basis. Locations of such events are restricted to the Fisher Center and subject to approval. Please contact Fisher Center Operations to inquire about availability.

Catering must be provided by Sodexo, and no outside food or beverages may be brought in. Any alcoholic beverages MUST be served by Sodexo.

All trash must be removed from the facility and the furniture returned to its normal arrangement.

Town of Smithfield Events

The Town of Smithfield is allowed official use of campus facilities at no charge under the PILOT agreement. Fees for food and beverage apply. Requests from the Town of Smithfield for facilities use should be directed to the Office of Conferences and Special Events.

Summer Residential Conferences

The Office of Conferences and Special Events functions as the central clearinghouse for summer programs on campus. The office maintains the summer calendar and coordinates facilities usage based on projected facilities and resource availability.

Use of University Facilities for Summer Conferences, Workshops, Institutes, Sports Camps, or other non-academic credit programs, with the exception of New Student Orientation, must be coordinated with the University’s Office of Conferences and Special Events.

Both internal (University employees) and external clients must clear dates with the Office of Conferences and Special Events before publishing event dates or contracting with presenters.

The Office of Conferences and Special Events prepares the Summer Conference Calendar in November. Any requests for new programs must be made by October 30 to be considered for the next Summer’s calendar. Requests made after that date will be filled on a space-available basis. Requests for Sports Camps from University Athletic Staff must first be authorized by the Deputy Director of Athletics.

Request for Dates  

Dates should be requested in writing to the Director of Conferences and Special Events. The request should include the requestor’s name and University affiliation (if any) and purpose of the event, expected attendance, number of meeting rooms, sleeping rooms and athletic facilities needed. A second choice of dates should also be specified.

Pricing Proposal  

Based upon the number of attendees and facilities required, a proposal will be prepared for the requestor. Food and beverage, lodging, and facility fees apply to internal and external groups. The proposal is valid for 30 days unless otherwise specified.


Once the dates and pricing proposal are accepted by both parties, a contract will be prepared by the Director of Conferences and Special Events.


A non-refundable space-holding deposit (amount varies based on projected revenue) is required upon contract signing.

New clients must pay in full prior to the first day of the program.

Returning clients must pay a 50 percent deposit of projected revenue one week prior to the program start date; the remainder is billed. Unpaid invoices in excess of 30 days will be charged interest at the rate of 18 percent per annum.

The client is responsible for any and all state, federal, and local taxes, fees, and dues that may fall due as a result of payments under this contract.  


Bryant reserves the right to terminate a contract without penalty for breach by the Client of any of the terms contained within the contract, or if it should become impractical to perform due to causes beyond control of Bryant. Such causes include acts of God, storm, fire, flood, earthquake, damage, or destruction to its facility, or discovery of any health hazard therein, labor disturbance, war, civil commotion, shortage or unavailability of labor, governmental law, ordinance, order or regulation, or other causes beyond the control of Bryant.


The client is responsible for damage caused by its participants to Bryant property.


A certificate of insurance naming Bryant University as an additional insured in the amount of $1,000,000 ($3,000,000 for full-contact football camps), including general liability auto and worker’s comp, is due to Bryant 30 days prior to the program start date. This requirement may be waived for internal events.


External Groups: The exact wording THIS IS NOT A FUNCTION OF BRYANT UNIVERSITY must be included as a disclaimer on the same page in which the name or photograph of Bryant is used in all advertisements, news releases, brochures and promotional materials publicizing the event or conference. All advertising and promotional materials should prominently list phone numbers and names for sponsoring organizations and should discourage interested participants from contacting the University for information.

Internal Groups: Follow the guidelines as set forth by University Relations. 

On-site Management

The Office of Conferences and Special Events will manage the food service, lodging, audiovisual, and facilities coordination. Live-in student conference coordinators are available 24-hours per day while a residential conference is in session.

Food and Beverage  

All food and beverage is to be arranged through the Office of Conferences and Special Events. A final guaranteed number of guests is due three (3) working days prior to the event. Food service is prepared to serve 5 percent above the guaranteed number. In the event that fewer guests actually attend, the guaranteed number will be billed. If more guests attend than guaranteed, the actual number will be billed for. Food/beverages may not be brought in from an outside source without prior permission.

Mealtimes will be determined with food service and based on total number of guests served during a meal period. Food and beverages may not be brought out of Salmanson Dining Room. Boxed meals are available for off-campus excursions.


Events where alcohol will be served require a Bryant DPS Alcohol detail to be present.  All alcohol must be provided and served by Bryant’s food service provider. Current staffing fees for DPS and bartenders will apply.

Food and Beverage Cancellation

Any food and beverage function cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the event will be billed at 100 percent. Cancellations 25 to 72 hours prior to the event will be billed at 50 percent.

Ice Machine

Client is not allowed unsupervised access to the ice machine. Ice for camps/conference use is limited based on needs for food service operations, and machines used will be designated by food service. Conference coordinators will assist clients with obtaining ice at pre-determined times.


Client must obtain permission from the Office of Conferences and Special Events to operate a store or concession in conjunction with a camp or conference and must obtain necessary permits to sell goods at retail in the State of Rhode Island. Beverages sold are restricted to Coca Cola products.

Facilities Usage Guidelines by Facility Type:

Classrooms: Seating to be used as is unless previously arranged through the Office of Conferences and Special Events. Furniture should not be moved by client. Tape/nails are not permitted on the walls. Usage restricted to reservation times only.

Meeting Rooms: Seating arrangements should be arranged through the Office of Conferences and Special Events. Furniture should not be moved by client. Tape/nails are not permitted on the walls.

Auditorium: Audiovisual equipment will be setup and operated by University staff. Unauthorized use of Auditorium audiovisual equipment is not allowed by clients.

Computer Labs: No software may be installed in any computer lab except by Bryant University Information Technology Staff. Any specialized software to be installed for clients must be approved by Information Technology and meet specified installation deadlines.

Fields: Bryant staff must designate field usage, monitor field condition, and advise clients of needed rotation to minimize repetitive wear. Failure to rotate fields or unauthorized usage of fields by client may result in damage charges. Bryant may assign an alternate field in the event of rain or halt play in progress due to rain. Vehicles may not be driven to or onto fields.

Fitness Center : The fitness center is available for camp/conference participants age 18 and older with prior arrangement with the Office of Conferences and Special Events.

Pool: The pool is available for camp/conference participants through prior arrangement with the Office of Conferences and Special Events. One certified lifeguard must be on duty for every 25 swimmers. Entrance is via the locker rooms and a pre-swim shower is required. Rowdy behavior will result in eviction and loss of pool privileges. Diving is not allowed.

Golf Carts

Use of golf carts on campus must be cleared with the Office of Conferences and Special Events. Speeding or driving in unauthorized areas may result in loss of permission to drive golf carts. Bryant does not provide golf carts to clients.

Residence Halls  

Names of participants and room assignments will be provided electronically in a sortable Microsoft Excel format to Bryant five business days before the start of the conference. Bryant will provide a blank Excel lodging worksheet file for use by client. Check-in/out times will be determined by Bryant based on building usage.

Each guest/participant must rent a bed space. Sleeping bags and/or bedding will not be allowed on the floors. Participants may bring portable cribs for infants, but only one crib per room is allowed.

Fire Alarms  

Buildings must be vacated during a fire alarm. Charges for any false fire alarm caused by either a prank-pulled alarm or conduct resulting in an alarm sounding and attributed to Client’s participant(s) will be the responsibility of the client.

Wireless Access  

Conference guests residing in University housing may register for up to eight hours of wireless access at a time at no charge.


Guests will be issued a key to their accommodations at check in. Keys remain the property of Bryant University and must be returned at check out. Missing or lost keys/fobs will be billed at $30 per key and $7 per fob. Keys not returned at check-out will be considered lost and will be billed for. Master keys are not available to the client. Lockouts are handled by University Staff.


A staff ratio of one adult chaperone per 12 minors is required for residential programs. Bryant University reserves the right to expel any guest without refund for violation of University policies. Client is financially responsible for repair/replacement of Bryant property damaged by the Client or Client’s guests.

Medical Release Forms

Client is required to have with them on campus an authorized medical release form from a parent (or guardian) for each participant who is a minor.


Bryant, its agents, or employees are not liable for any loss, damage, injury, or destruction of client property of any kind delivered to Bryant premises or placed in its custody either prior, during, or subsequent to the conference. All client property and/or property rented by client must be removed at the conclusion of the program. Advance materials should be shipped no more than seven days in advance to:

Bryant University

Attn: Conference Office

1150 Douglas Pike

Smithfield, RI 02917

Materials stored in excess of seven days in advance or one day following the program will be charged a $25 per day storage fee.

Summer Conference Season

The Summer Conference Season begins within two weeks after Commencement and concludes approximately three weeks prior to the first day of the fall semester.

Approved External Organizations Facilities Usage

Approval of requests will be based on the following guidelines.

Provided there are no conflicts with campus events, University facilities will ordinarily be available for use by the following types of off-campus organizations (no order of preference is indicated):

  1. Recognized public service organizations, e.g., Rotary International and Red Cross;
  2. Nonprofit education- and business-related organizations, e.g., American Library Association and Chamber of Commerce;
  3. Recognized religious organizations, provided their programs do not seek to proselytize the campus community, e.g., Methodist Ministers’ Convention and Rhode Island Diocese Meetings;
  4. Nonpartisan political organizations, e.g., League of Women Voters;
  5. Private corporations for seminars or training sessions, e.g.,Fidelity;
  6. Local, nonprofit, youth-oriented organizations or events that will increase the visibility of the University among potential applicants, e.g., state or regional athletic contests.

Acceptance of an approved group or event is conditional on the organization’s adherence to the law, to all Bryant University campus regulations, and to the specific Policy Manual rules governing fees, security, and liability. It must be noted that even though an applicant for a facility is in a generally approved category and satisfies all other requirements of the University, Bryant cannot honor requests for long-term continuing commitments, e.g., weekly or monthly business meetings, except, of course, in those cases when facilities are committed through the terms of contractual agreements entered into by the appropriate University officials.

Within the constraints of these guidelines, requests by residents of Smithfield will be given special consideration.

For internal groups and external University sponsored events, regulations and guidelines will be administered by University Scheduling/President’s Office/Provost. The regulations applying to external non-University events will be administered by the Director of Conferences and Special Events. Applications for the use of facilities should be made through the appropriate office.

Approval of a request for the use of a facility in no way constitutes either an official or an implicit University endorsement of that organization’s program or purpose.

Restricted Organizations

In general, University facilities are not available to the following organizations or for the following purposes:

  1. Strictly social events sponsored by persons not associated with the University, i.e., those persons not a student, faculty member, administrator, trustee, or alumni;
  2. All uncontracted, profit-making ventures;
  3. Any solicitation program not approved by the Director of Conferences/Special Events or other appropriate University official;
  4. Partisan political groups;
  5. Except for those types of organizations or events previously noted, any group or event that is unrecognized, profit-making, or not education, business, or public service-related;
  6. Any individual organization, including those types generally approved, which gives evidence suggesting its event might impede the educational function of the University.

Special Events Management

In addition to planning events and activities for external clients, the Office of Conferences and Special Events coordinates several special events for the campus community.

The staff provides the overall coordination and implementation of the University’s graduation activities, including Undergraduate Commencement, Graduate School Commencement, Baccalaureate Service, the Graduation Fair, and the various receptions throughout the week.

In conjunction with Human Resources, the staff works to develop both Team Day and the Holiday Party for University employees.

The office’s staff also provides assistance with major campus events such as the annual Women’s Summit. In addition to traditional campus events, the staff works to support non-traditional events, such as special speakers, large-scale banquets, and general campus celebrations.

Please contact the Office of Conferences and Special Events at Ext. 6921 or via e-mail at:  for information regarding the Commencement Ceremony or visit


Campus Scheduling

Space is one of Bryant’s most valuable assets and must be managed by policies that promote involvement from all constituencies in pursuit of effective and efficient use of space. Bryant’s facilities are owned by the University and may be assigned and reassigned in the interest of the institution’s overall priorities and needs. These spaces include,but are not limited to, all academic, administrative, athletic, residential, and student facilities.

Section 1: General Overview

Who Can Reserve Space

  • Faculty/Staff: for University-related meetings and events.
  • Students: through a recognized campus organization. Note: Students may reserve classrooms on a space-available basis for rehearsals of class presentations without campus organization membership.
  • External Organizations: Approved External Organizations. Through the Office of Conferences & Special Events. See Approved External Organizations Facilities Usage Policy

The responsibility and accountability for the management of campus events and activities rests with the sponsor of said activities. The event sponsor is responsible for enforcing compliance with state and local laws and University policies at events. Failure to enforce the aforementioned laws and policies may result in the sponsoring department or organization being restricted from use of University facilities in the future. A representative of the reserving organization must be present at all events.

How to Reserve Space

The first step in planning an event is confirming availability and reserving a facility that can adequately accommodate the expected audience. 25Live is a useful tool to determine if a space is available on a certain date and time. It can also be used to identify other events planned for the same date and time. To access the event calendar, type in the address line. Log in using your network credentials.  Click the calendar tab and modify the ‘Showing’ and ‘Dates’ fields. To check availability of a particular space, click on the Locations tab. Use the Search for Locations tab to search for a particular room. Modify the date as needed. Please note that although a facility appears available, you must still request it and it may not be available at the time the request is processed.

To request a space:


Use  25Live (all requests are processed in the order they are received), e-mail: or phone Ext. 6499 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Mon. – Fri. (4 pm during summer hours).

See 25live-v26-quick-start-guide for instructions on how to use 25Live to check space availability and to request a space.


Recognized Student organizations can request space using 25Live. (See 25live-v26-student-org-user-guide)

Each recognized student organization must have an email address (for example, Email addresses can be requested from the Help Desk. The email address name becomes the 25Live contact name (minus the Student Organizations must follow the procedures for requesting space as outlined in the annually updated Student Organization Resource Guide. This guide is available at the Center for Student Involvement.

For individual/group class presentation practice space in the Unistructure: contact your professor’s faculty suite coordinator, who will create a 25Live request for the classroom or space in the Rotunda for information tables . During the summer, email with your request.

Reservations are not official until the requestor receives a Confirmed Event Summary.

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Major Events

  • Semi-annually in October and May, the Major Event Calendar Committee will solicit dates from campus event planners via a major event date request form. October’s solicitation will be for the following Spring and Fall Semesters and the May solicitation will be for the following Fall Semester whose dates cannot be determined more than a semester in advance. Board of Trustee Meeting dates are exempt from the process. Dates are known one year in advance and will be automatically entered into the Major Event Calendar.
  • Semi-annually, in November and June, the Committee will meet to prepare the first draft of the Major Event Calendar based on dates submitted. The Committee will then call a meeting that includes the major event planners to resolve conflicts, if any, suggest possible efficiencies available (sharing a tent or other rentals for back to back events). After conflicts in the calendar are resolved, Grand Hall Approval Forms should be processed by the requesting organization.
  • After the calendar has been approved by cabinet – campus schedulers will book requested/approved space and send an electronic confirmation to the Event Planner. The event will be flagged within the campus scheduling software as an approved major event or “Hot Event” and reservation information will electronically pass to the “Hot Event” section of R25.BRYANT.EDU. After the calendar has been approved, contracts and purchase orders can be executed.
  • Once an event is approved and on the Official Major Event Calendar, subsequent requests by higher priorities for the same dates may not bump the committed event from that date.

Building Hours

All requests for space must be within established building hours. (Building hours may vary during Winter, Spring and Summer Break.) Exceptions are granted by the Vice President for Student Affairs for Student Events, Building Managers for University Events, or the Director of Conferences and Special Events for External Events. Events must conclude at the agreed specified time.

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Reservation Times/Tentative Holds

Facilities may be reserved for the actual event time plus set-up/tear down time as determined by Facilities Management. Reservation times may not be extended to avoid overtime set-up fees. See setup-time policy. Reservations are non-transferrable, a group cannot release a room to another group. Any scheduling changes must be made through University Scheduling. Violations of this policy may result in loss of reservation privileges.

Organizations may tentatively hold rooms for events other than those approved on the major events calendar no more than six months in advance, and must confirm said dates no less than three months before the actual event. Failure to release unconfirmed rooms might result in future reservations being denied. University Scheduling is to be notified of specific hours of use three months in advance.

Set Up Instructions

Set up instructions for rooms requiring such, must be provided two weeks in advance of the event, even if final head count is not known. (Actual anticipated head count can be given to University Scheduling once it is determined.)


University internal events will not incur a facility rental fee; however, the requestor may incur costs related to the program for services beyond those normally provided by the University, for example:

  • If setups are required after the Facilities Management staff’s normal working hours, the requester will be responsible for overtime costs.
  • Any fees related to setup or overtime associated with failure to notify University Scheduling three (3) business days in advance of a canceled event.
  • Custodial wages for restroom coverage outside of Facilities Management staff’s normal working hours.
  • Building Managers.
  • Sound/lighting technician.
  • Expenses may also be incurred for failure to adhere to specific regulations.
  • Public Safety Detail Officers or Town Fire Marshal See DPS Detail Policy on Detail Coverage for Events.
  • The sponsoring department or organization will be responsible for any damages that may occur during an event.

External Organizations are charged facility rental fees based on facility requested.


Departments or organizations planning a meeting or special event within the academic year during usual business hours should keep in mind that parking is extremely limited. Business hours are Monday through Thursday from 7am – 10:30 pm, Friday 7 am – 4:30 pm. Events requiring parking for more than 50 vehicles are strongly discouraged during these times. Special event parking arrangements should be made with the Department of Public Safety at least three weeks prior to the date of the event. Requests for number of parking spots needed must be included in your 25Live request.

Driving or parking on walkways is prohibited. Vendor delivery access is available through the loading docks of the Unistructure, Bello Center and Bryant Center. The MRC wing back circle is an option for short term unloading to the Unistructure.

Emergency Closing

If the University experiences an emergency closing due to weather, utility failure, or other unforeseen disaster, the event is considered cancelled.

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The use of outdoor directional signage is prohibited, except by special permission of the President’s Office. (Event planners are encouraged to direct visitors to the online navigation site.)  If permission is secured, University approved sign holders may be signed out from the Office of Conferences and Special Events on an available basis. 72 hours notice is requested. Event sponsors are responsible for creating the signs and placing and returning the sign holders.  Unreturned sign holders will be charged to the sponsoring organization at replacement cost.

Annual Review

This document is subject to annual review and updating by the Scheduling Committee. Proposed changes to be approved by President’s Cabinet.

Section 2. Space Classifications

Priorities and scheduling procedures have been established for spaces according the space classification assigned to it. In cases where an individual space may have more than one use, the classification was assigned according to the space’s primary use.

Classification Definitions:

Classroom: A room used for classes and that is not tied to a specific subject or discipline by equipment in the room or the configuration of the room. These rooms may contain multimedia equipment. A classroom may be furnished with special equipment (e.g. maps, software) appropriate to a specific area of study, if this equipment does not render the room unsuitable for use by classes in other areas of study.

Special Use Room: a space that is sufficiently specialized in its primary activity or function to merit a unique space category. Typically not scheduled through 25Live.

Meeting Room: A space characterized by a broader availability to faculty, staff and the general public. Not scheduled for classes

Conference Room: A space primarily used for Corporate and Community outreach programs such as Executive Development Training Programs and Corporate Meetings or Summer Residential Programs.

Student Meeting Room: All Bryant Center Meeting Rooms. Not scheduled for classes

Study Room: A room or area used by individuals to study at their convenience. Reservations not necessary.

Large Venue: Spaces with seating capacity greater than 150.

Athletic Facility: Spaces both indoors and out built for Athletic Competitions and Recreation.

Outdoor (Grounds): A place of assembly on the campus grounds that is not an athletic field.

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Classrooms are either general use or computer lab. Classrooms are located in the Unistructure, Koffler, and Bello Center. Classrooms are provided on an “as-is” basis and should be returned to their original seating set-up after use.


Specific classroom allocation is determined by Academic Affairs for use by the three academic departments. Each department schedules their classes in Banner in their allocated rooms as follows:

  • Undergraduate Classes are scheduled by the Registrar/Director of Records and Registration.
  • Graduate Classes are scheduled by the Director of the Graduate School.
  • Executive Development Center Classes are scheduled by the Executive Development Center.

Schedules are submitted to University Scheduling by the three academic departments, to be entered into R25.


First priority is for Academic classes including Undergraduate classes, Graduate School classes and the Executive Development Center. When the semester’s undergraduate classroom assignments have been completed, faculty will be notified by the Director of Records and Registration. Faculty will be given a two-week window to review their room assignment via their Banner account and request a room change before the semester begins. After that window, available classrooms may be scheduled for non-academic class usage on a first-come, first served, space available basis and faculty change requests will be handled through University Scheduling.

Note: Summer Conferences have priority use of Classrooms not used by Undergraduate, Graduate, or Evening EDC Classes scheduled in EDC designated rooms from June – August except during Orientation.

Computer Labs:

First priority is for Academic classes including Undergraduate classes, Graduate School classes and the Executive Development Center. Computer labs may be scheduled by faculty/staff for meetings requiring computer/software usage.

Use is subject to Lab Security Policies set forth in Information Technology’s Classroom Lab Policies and Procedures Food and beverage are not allowed in Computer Labs.

Special-use Rooms:

The following rooms have been designated as special use due to unique features of the rooms and may be used only with permission of the designated authority.

Room # Room Name Contact
PA Lounge Director, PA Program
376, 381 Science Labs Chair, Science Dept.
Bello 212 Financial Markets Center Finance Dept., Ext. 6343
Salmanson and Gulski Dining Rooms (see policy-for-use-of-gulski) Ext. 6865
Faculty Suite Meeting Rooms  Faculty Suite Coordinator
Atrium Conference Room President’s Office, Ext. 6026
Campus Quad President’s Office, Ext. 6026
 M32 Banner Training Room Univ.Scheduling, Ext. 6499
Career Services Presentation Room Ext. 6353
Television Studio, Control Room, Editing Room, Koffler Ext. 6840

Meeting Rooms:

The following rooms have been classified as meeting rooms: Bello 214*, Bello 101*, Unistructure Room 355 and 279, Gulski Conference Room.

Meeting rooms may be scheduled one semester in advance.

* Both Bello 214 and 101 can be used as classrooms, but their main function is as meeting rooms.


  1. Faculty and Staff University-related meetings. 7 am – 6 pm, Mon. – Fri.
  2. Recognized student organizations for meetings after 6 pm, Mon – Fri.
  3. External Organizations that meet University requirements for facilities use. Note: Summer Conferences have priority use of Meeting and Dining Rooms from June – August except during Orientation.

Conference Rooms:

The following rooms have been classified as Conference Rooms: MRC 3, MRC 4.  Conference Rooms may only be booked two weeks in advance and are not available for Summer Orientation use.


  1. External Organizations that meet University requirements for facilities use. Note: Summer Conferences have priority use of Meeting and Dining Rooms from June – August except during Orientation.
  2. Faculty and Staff University-related meetings. 7 am – 6 pm, Mon. – Fri.
  3. Recognized student organizations for meetings after 6 pm, Mon- Fri.

Student Meeting Rooms:

The following rooms have been classified as student meeting rooms: Fisher Center Room 1, Fisher Center Room 2A, Fisher Center Room 2B, Fisher Center Room 2C, Fisher Center Room 3, the Heritage Room, and Papitto Dining Room.


  1. Students: All reservations must be made by or through recognized campus organizations. Recognized Student Organizations that hold weekly meetings may apply for meeting space one semester in advance. Students trying to organize a new group may meet twice to establish themselves and gain recognition from the Student Senate. Reserving space for classes or class-related presentations, study groups, etc. is prohibited.
  2. Faculty and staff: Student Meeting Rooms may be reserved by faculty/staff on a space-available basis for University-related meetings. Reserving space for classes or class-related presentations, study groups, etc. is prohibited.
  3. External Organizations that meet University requirements for facilities use may request use on a space-available basis through the Office of Conferences and Special Events.


  1. Recognized student organizations have priority for 3 – 11 pm, Mon. – Fri. during the Academic Year except during Spring Break. Events scheduled via the Major Event Calendar may take precedence in the larger meeting rooms.
  2. Faculty and staff University-related meetings on a space available basis, from 7 am – 3:00 pm Mon. – Thurs., 7 am – 5 pm on Fri.
  3. External Organizations that meet University requirements for facilities use.

Note: Summer Conferences have priority use of Bryant Center Meeting and Dining Rooms from June – August, except during Orientation.

Large Venues:

The following facilities are classified as Large Venues: Bello Center: Grand Hall, Unistructure: Janikies Auditorium, Chace: Multi-purpose Activities Center (MAC), Bryant Center: South Dining Room.

Stepan Grand Hall

The Grand Hall is a limited use facility. Permission from the President is required for use. Make sure the space is available and reserved BEFORE announcing the event to the public.


  • Students: Recognized Student Organizations must request the space via R25 Webviewer at least one month in advance of event date. Bryant staff member approving the event will generate a Grand Hall Request Form and submit it to the President’s Office.
  • Faculty and Staff: Determine space availability and request the space via R25 Webviewer at least one month in advance of event date. Complete a Grand Hall Approval Request Form and Grand Hall Setup Diagram. Both of these completed forms must be returned to University Scheduling at least one month before the event. Please note that reservation times are determined by the type of event. Approved events are scheduled for event time plus set-up (minimum 2 hours) and tear-down (minimum 1 hour) time determined by Facilities Management.
  • External Organizations: Contact the Office of Conferences & Special Events at 401-232-6921.


  • Events approved via the Major Event Calendar process have first priority.
  • Events approved by the President.


  • For major events, it is the responsibility of the requesting individual, group, or department to provide set up instructions (including diagrams) to University Scheduling, Facilities, and AV.
  • For Grand Hall events, the requestor should physically view the space in order to be able to provide appropriate set up instructions (for example, which way chairs are to be placed)

Academic Innovation Center

The Academic Innovation Center is a limited use facility. Permission from the Provost is required for use. Make sure the space is available and reserved BEFORE announcing the event to the public.

AIC Use Policy

The Bryant University Academic Innovation Center is a canvas for innovative teaching. Designed to support activities that relate directly to the academic mission of Bryant University, it is a place to explore how processes, tools and methods can impact the learning process, and to develop new teaching strategies and methods and bring them into the classroom.
AIC spaces are designed to be responsive and flexible to the needs of students and teachers, and users of these spaces are expected to contribute to our exploration of innovative teaching and learning.

AIC spaces are used for:

  • Regularly scheduled Bryant University classes and associated activities such as office hours, tutorials, and study sessions
  • Individual and group study in classrooms, breakout rooms, and the AIC forum
  • Showcasing of student projects that are associated with undergraduate and graduate courses
  • Workshops and other group sessions that are sponsored by the Office of Faculty Development or other Academic units
  • Meetings and activities sponsored by an officially recognized Student Academic Club.

Events and activities that support the athletic, co-curricular, cultural and community initiatives of the Bryant University mission should continue to use the many other appropriate spaces in the Bello Center, The Fisher Student Center, the Ronald K. and Kati C. Machtley Interfaith Center, and the Unistructure.

For more information or to inquire about use of AIC space please email
To request the use of an AIC space, please complete the AIC Request Form.

Janikies Auditorium

How to Schedule:

  • Students: Recognized Student Organizations must request the space via 25Live
  • Faculty/Staff: through 25Live
  • External Organizations: contact the Office of Conferences and Special Events at 401-232-6921

The Auditorium may be reserved one semester in advance. Exception: Events approved via the Major Events Calendar and external events that take place during Winter or Spring Break may be scheduled one year in advance.

Student Organization Theatrical/Musical Productions may request dates one year in advance; however, dates may not be confirmed until the University’s Major Event Calendar is approved. Dress rehearsals, also known as tech week, may be scheduled for five days prior to production dates. Sets may be installed no more than 5 days prior to the production dates and must be removed and properly disposed of no more than 36 hours after the final production.


Non-dress rehearsals may be scheduled from 7 pm – 12 midnight on Mondays and Tuesdays. Non-dress rehearsals may be “bumped” by the scheduling office for University events requiring Janikies that have no alternative dates/times. Every effort for a one week notice shall be given if dates will be “bumped.” Wednesday – Friday evenings from 7-12 pm may be used for rehearsal on a space available basis; however, it may not be reserved in R25.

Dress Rehearsals:

Dress rehearsals, also known as “tech week” may be scheduled 5 days prior to the first performance date. Sets may be built and erected on stage during this time. Janikies can be reserved 4 pm – 12 midnight, Mon. – Fri. during tech week.

Academic Block-out dates: During final exams and from 4 – 6 pm (Mon. – Thurs.) one week prior to mid-terms or finals.


  1. Events approved via the Major Event Calendar process have first priority except during Academic Block Out Dates.
  2. Institutionally funded events which enhance the mission of the University and development of the whole student.
  3. Meetings and institutionally funded events which support the community life of the institution.
  4. External events that meet University requirements for facilities use.

Note: Summer Conferences have priority use of Janikies Auditorium from June – August except during Orientation

Room 279 may be used as a dressing room. Please request usage with the request for Janikies. Dressing room must be cleaned out within 24 hours of the final performance. The backstage hallway must be kept clear at all times. Room 279 should not be booked as a “musician’s warm-up room” prior to 5 pm on Monday – Thursday as classes are in session in adjoining rooms.

Audiovisual technician: Events requiring use of the sound, light or projection systems must have an audiovisual technician present. Operation of built-in equipment by anyone other than an audiovisual technician is not allowed without express permission of the Director of Instructional Media. Please contact instructional media to arrange for an audiovisual technician. Lighting and sound board adjustments must be returned to their default settings.

Chace Athletic Center & Outdoor Athletic Facilities

Athletic Facilities:

The following facilities have been classified as athletic facilities: Chace Center Gym, Beirne Stadium Complex, Strength and Conditioning Center, Conaty Indoor Athletic Center, Turf/Track Complex, Sutton Fields, Intramural Field, Varsity Practice Fields, Softball Field, Baseball Field, Lower Rugby Field, Chase Athletic Center Pool, Chace Center Multipurpose Activities Center.


  • Games and practices are scheduled by the Deputy Director of Athletics
  • Students: Recognized Student Organizations must request the space via 25Live
  • Faculty and Staff: through 25Live. Check the “specific facility” box and choose the desired facility from the drop-down menu box.
  • External Organizations: contact the Office of Conferences and Special Events at 401-232-6921. Requests for events occurring during the Academic Year will be referred to the Deputy Director of Athletics.


  • Events approved via the Major Event Calendar process have first priority
  • Athletic teams and club sports for games and practices
  • Student Recreation/Events
  • External Organizations that meet University requirements for facilities use.

Note: Summer Conferences have priority use of The Gym and MAC from Graduation Through June mid-August except during Orientation.

Outdoor Areas:

The following locations have been classified as outdoor areas: Fisher Center Patio, Picnic Area Outside Salmanson, Hall 15 patio, Parking Lot.

If a tent is to be erected, contact the Bryant Grounds Department regarding underground sprinklers and gas lines and the Smithfield Fire Department (949-1330) for a tent inspection. Tent inspections are mandatory. The tent rental company must provide certificates of flame retardence for all tents in advance.

How to Schedule:

  • Students: Recognized Student Organizations must request the space via R25 Webviewer
  • Faculty/Staff: through R25 Webviewer


  1. Events approved via the Major Event Calendar process have first priority
  2. Other events on a space-available basis