Class Cancellation Policy

During inclement weather, the President may cancel or delay classes. Notifications of delays or cancellations may be heard over the following radio and TV stations: WHJY FM; WHJJ 920 AM; WOON 1240; WWLI; WBZ103 AM; WJAR-TV 10; WPRI-TV 12, and WLNE-TV 6.

Faculty absence and class session cancellation:

If a professor decides to cancel a class, s/he must notify three parties of that decision: the Department Chair and Dean, as well as his/her Suite Coordinator. In turn, Suite Coordinators will request that the Office of the Registrar (ext 6080) have the professor’s cancelled classes listed on the AXIS TV system: notification of a class session cancellation via the classroom blackboard or classroom door is not acceptable.

If a specific Suite Coordinator is not available, it is not acceptable to request student assistants to notify others of the class cancellation; they may assist the professor in contacting another Coordinator, but ultimately it is the professor’s responsibility to contact a Suite Coordinator regarding the cancellation of a class session.