Academic Grievance

Academic Grievance Procedures
Students who have academic grievances are entitled to have their dispute reviewed by a formal and systematic process. The student must initiate the grievance process by obtaining a form in the Office of the Registrar that outlines the steps to be taken for this review. The deadline for students to initiate an academic grievance is the middle of the next regular semester. For purposes of this policy, “middle of the next regular semester” will be interpreted to mean the date that mid-semester grades are due.

After a formal grievance has been filed, the student and the faculty member involved attempt to resolve the dispute. In the event the issue cannot be resolved between the student and professor, the student may subsequently take up the review with the department chair and then the Special Advisor to the Interim Provost. If the issue cannot be resolved by the aforementioned steps, the student may request a hearing with the Undergraduate Academic Grievance Committee.

The Undergraduate Academic Grievance Committee will hold hearings on academic grievances asserted by undergraduate students. The Committee shall meet only when the student has not been able to resolve the grievance through the faculty member, the chairperson, and the Special Advisor to the Interim Provost.  The Committee shall have the authority to make recommendations for disposition of grievances to the Interim Provost, The Interim Provost will consider the recommendation but will not be bound by the recommendation; and his/her decision on the grievance will be final. At each stage in the grievance process, a written record that summarizes each party’s understanding and disposition is expected.