Undergraduate Grading Plan

Grading Plan
The grading plan is determined by the instructor in each course and must be announced to the class at the beginning of the semester. The plan must meet the following criteria:

  1. In one of the first three class meetings, the instructor must provide students with complete evaluation criteria to be used in a course — preferably in writing.
  2. Usually a minimum of three evaluation criteria are required for each course.
  3. A syllabus course outline should be provided for each course. Each instructor is to provide copy of such syllabi to the department chair at the outset of each semester.
  4. The plan should keep the student reasonably current as to her/his standing in the class. Every effort should be made to return graded tests within one week.
  5. The conditions under which final examinations are optional or required and their weighting must be specified.
  6. The attendance requirement and the effect of failing to meet this criterion must be specified.
  7. Final grades will be submitted by the faculty member within one week of the final examination of a course, or the last such examination in the case of a multiple section course.