Summer Housing

Summer Housing Policy


Each year University departments or campus-based contracted auxiliary services submit applications for student employees to live on campus in resident facilities during the summer.  The applications should address the University’s need for the student’s position, the need for the particular student(s), and the reason that the student needs to be housed on campus for the summer.  Applications must be received by the Director of Residence Life in early May. Residence Life will collect the requests for Student Employee Summer Housing. The position must be full-time and based on the Bryant campus.

  1. The student must be in good social standing with no history of Bryant Residence Hall or Disciplinary Probation.
  2. The student must live far enough away to make commuting impossible or impractical.
  3. The need for the position, the particular student, and housing must be clearly seen as being in the University’s best interest.

Housing Cost

The student’s housing cost and meal plan will be recharged to the specific Bryant department employing the student.  The cost will be determined annually.  The student’s weekday meals will be billed weekly to the specific department.


Students living on campus under employee arrangements must clean their rooms thoroughly.  Essentially, the rooms should be ready for fall occupancy and require no custodial service at summer’s end.

Residence Hall Policies

Students must comply with all University/Residence Hall policies and procedures during the summer period. Failure to do so will necessitate an immediate review of his/her privilege to reside on campus.