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The Bryant University Organizational Policy and Resource Guide has been prepared to serve as a practical guide to many University policies. The Guide offers valuable information on a wide variety of topics in an easy online format. It is, however, only a summary of policies compiled for your convenience and is not intended to cover all topics or circumstances.

Where there are differences between the provisions of the Guide and more specific provisions contained in Bryant's contractual agreements, catalogs, handbooks, benefit booklets, collective bargaining agreements, summary plan descriptions, or other records or documents, the latter are controlling.

Nothing in this Guide is intended to create a guarantee of procedures to be followed. It is merely a source of information and its provisions may be changed without notice.

This Guide is generally updated two times per year. This version replaces all prior versions, whether in print or electronic.

Updated: November 2014

Bryant Principles

Mission Statement

Commitment to Diversity

Equal Employment Opportunity

Conflict of Interest Statement

Drug-free Workplace

Protection from Harassment


Whistleblower Policy

Title IX


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